WELCOME.  I'm Jeannette


Welcome and I am delighted that you are here, I am a Soul Connection and Life Intent Coach.


I believe that our soul being our memory, consciousness, self-awareness, thoughts and actions which make up the spiritual part of a person is often neglected and disconnected and when the mind, body and soul are not in connection with each other then we may feel lost, overwhelmed or even feeling low.  


There are seven planes of spiritual existence and without going too deep into it when we surpass the physical plane and tap into our spiritual plane we then can achieve (manifest) our desires.


As a Life Intent Coach we get clear as to what you want in your life so that you can get the greater deliberateness (as nothing is of coincidence) that you set yourself up for.  With a structured formula and mentoring you will be able to achieve what you desire.

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Soul Connection and Life Intent Coaching and Mentorship


Monkey Meditation Online Course

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Chakra Crystals 

Used to balance the chakras the power of Crystal Healing


Avoiding Procrastination Ebook

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A guide to add your personal and spiritual development into your ever busy day.



I've taken away a lot from your sessions and applied it to my life...


Your session helped me so much - you will never know how much. 


Meditation - "This was an amazing experience and definitely worthwhile! it helped me loads. I had no idea that I would get this out of this meditation session"