Online Life Coaching

Online Coaching is beginning to be more popular then meeting face to face, well you are still face to face but being online will

  • Reduce stress - because you don't need to worry about traffic or parking or even running late

  • Reduce anxiety - because there is no need to rush or worry about leaving work on time

  • It's still personal - meaning being online we're still face to face but in the comfort of wherever you choose.

Why is this life coaching different to others?

1. That's because I incorporate the mind, body and soul as these three elements connected are essential for living in ease and harmony.

2. I design my packages to suit the individual I don't believe in generic packages as each person has different struggles in their lives not everyone is the same.  We will discuss the best way to deal with your problem and give you a solution and begin the session immediately, no wasting time or money.

Online Life Coaching is £117 per session


You will also get:

1. After the completion of sessions you will get one free follow up call valued at £200

2. Get six months follow up emails worth £40 each valued at £240

3. Private facebook group where you can be apart of the community which is priceless

4. Design Your Day ebook valued at £8.99

5. Five Guided meditations valued at £100

6. Avoiding Procrastination ebook valued at £20

TOTAL = 568.99