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Many of us live a life that we do not love; I was one of those people. During that time I was a Registered Nurse (RN) where each day for me was the same monotonous day, even though I tried different areas of nursing I could not find my niche. Instead of leaving the career to pursue another (due to not knowing where my money will come from and because I worked so hard to become an RN), I had decided to enlist into the Australian Army Reserves and was a Driver Specialist. Now that was an exciting career and something I’m very proud of doing however I was not happy. Nine years I was an RN and eight proud years in the Army, living in Perth, Australia still I was not happy.

The main reason people aren’t happy is because of fear. As mentioned I was fearful that I would not be able to have the money to live and pay the mortgage and the bills etc. Also, I feared that all my hard work that I had done to achieve being an RN would be all thrown away. The fear of letting go; in order to move on one needs to let go of anything that does not make them happy for them to move into a life that will, that includes getting out of a relationship that you know deep down isn’t working, or leaving that job that when you knock off you feel unsatisfied. You live one life and you need to live it the way you want to. As in the book by Gabrielle Bernstein – The Universe Has Your Back, you need to trust that by letting go of things that don’t nurture you in life will leave you wide open to receiving the good things you do want.

Fear is an emotion that will always be there but it’s the decision to move beyond fear and do things that will make you happy and it doesn’t need to cost anything. Like going for a walk even around the block and take in your surroundings (there are people who have a lot on their minds and tend to walk with tunnel vision) you’ll be surprised what you see on your street that you never seen before.

Putting fear aside, I was able to move from Australia to England; which allowed me to resign from nursing; discharge from the Army; pursue my career in Life Coaching. It all started when I made the decision to do something small that would be make me happy at least once a day like going for a walk, going to the gym, yoga, meditation, going to sit at a nice café, meeting up with friends and just remembering to smile now and then. Once I let go of the fear and made the decision to move everything fell into place.

Challenge for you

The challenge for this week is to set aside everyday, whether it be a minute or 60 minutes, to take the time to make you happy. Sit down and write down on a piece of paper or in your journal a list of things that will make you happy and remember start small, I’m not suggesting if you have a fear of heights that you go and conquer Mount Everest, take 5 minutes to sit somewhere quiet and read a magazine, take 5 minutes to go outside in the garden and do some gardening, take 10 minutes and go for a walk, take 20 minutes and talk to a friend, doesn’t matter what you do to make yourself happy just let your thoughts guide you.

For inspiration visit Robert Holden at this is an amazing website about being happy. A couple of books to read one from Rebecca Campbell – Light is the new black and the other Gabrielle Bernstein – Spirit Junkie and The Universe Has Your Back. If your short on time there are many meditations and yoga sites on Youtube that you can do anywhere and anytime.

Lets get happy…

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