Broken Heart how to get over a Break-up.

Breaking-up with someone is not easy whether you’re the person doing the break-up or you’re the person getting the news. There is no nice way to break it off with someone however there should be some level of respect when doing it. My ex broke it off with me over text, not so respectful. It can hurt but don’t let it consume you as Louise Hay says in her book “How to Heal Your Life” she explains “How foolish for us to PUNISH OURSELVES in the present moment because someone hurt us in the past”. Therefore, pick yourself up and move on.


What keeps wounds from healing is not that we are lovable but what we rely on is acceptance, attainment and understanding from the other person. When this fails we blame ourselves for not being good enough. When simply put, it is the limitation of the other person. No one can LOVE himself or herself more than YOU.

Relationships to begin with, we imagine a warm light ignited in our hearts that we allow the other person into our hearts which can result in becoming obsessed with the other as a provider of love and to keep that flame going. When in actual fact the warmth feeling had always been there from the LOVE we give OURSELVES.

Relationships are hard especially if you have been heartbroken before the reason being is that in relationships we have certain ideals and expectations which leads to trying to control the relationship/other person/situation which then leads into Anger, Jealousy and Resentment in order to prevent that you need to release and let go of ideas and expectations remember that there are two people involved.

Gabrielle Bernstein has said this many of times in her books and Vlogs, “Relationships are assignments” so learn from them and move on, the universe will guide you to the right person if you allow it to and only when you’re ready within yourself. So reignite that light in your heart start loving yourself and see what the universe has in store for you.

If you are having a hard time getting over a break-up then please talk to someone like a Life Coach, Counselor or Psychiatrist as depression from a break-up may be difficult to overcome by yourself; there is no shame in seeking help.

The books used in this blog and worth reading are:

Louise Hay “How to Heal Your Life”

Gabreille Bernstein “The Universe has Your Back”

John Welwood “Perfect Love Imperfect Relationships.”

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