Since I’ve been reading Abraham Hicks book “Ask and I’ts Given” I have done a lot of thinking. Resistance = Negative Energy and Allowing = Positive Energy. Simple formula but for some reason we tend to negate back to resistance. Why is that??

Negative thoughts leave us feeling down and bummed out; people say it takes less muscles to smile and more muscles to frown. So if it takes more effort to feel miserable and resisting everything in our lives why do we allow it to happen? Does it make us feel comfortable? Are we being defensive? Is it learned behaviour? If we were to break down the questions asked, there is a common denominator and that would equal fear.

Visualise yourself paddling along a stream, would you rather paddle downstream – path of least resistance - where the water flows or would you paddle upstream where effort is needed. If your flowing downstream with the flow of the water and enjoying the scenery would you mentally put a log across the stream to stop you going further because all of a sudden fear hits you and now your not sure where the stream will lead you. NO! You wouldn’t, why would you restrict the path of least resistance?

That log is your ego that voice in your head putting fear into you life, every now and then that voice does pop up so how do we minimalise it? By acknowledging the voice; understand where it is coming from; recognise it is nonsense; then allow it to move on.

Lets remove that log and continue paddling downstream – the path of least resistance – as we’re paddling along the stream we notice opportunities of places to moor and continue on for the next adventure, now it’s the power within you to choose where to stop.

Remember back when you were positive, confident and passionate about something in your life. Where you wanted it so bad that you kept picturing yourself having it (Law of Attraction). Then eventually you actually had it. How many times did you allow fear into that moment? Probably very little, hence why you were able to follow the path of least resistance because with every opportunity that came to you, you grabbed it because you knew it would get you closer to that end result of you having what it was that you desired.

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