Let's Get The Body Moving

Today is another fabulous day in Southampton. I have just woken and I’ve done a short morning Kundalini Kriya yoga sequence with Kimilla on YouTube to get the body moving after an awesome night sleep.

Moving the body is important and it can either be light, moderate or high impact exercise; it can either be morning or night or even both. The secret is, listen to your body. Take the time to listen to what your body is telling you, if your body is having a lazy day than light yoga might be needed or at the end of the day you have all this energy that you need to release than go for a fast walk/jog.

If you’re training for something in particular than you would have a training plan that you would follow. However, if you push your body too much than there is the chance that you may cause injury which will force you to slow down.

When you move the body you increase Serotonin levels which is mainly found in the GI Tract, brain and intestines. As they say “Healthy gut = Healthy Body = Healthy Mind”. Serotonin found in the brain can ease anxiety and uplift your mood and make you happy.

Vitamin D is another amazing hormone that helps with moods and cognitive function also known as a happy hormone. Ultraviolet B from the sun gets absorbed through the skin and produces Vitamin D. Now if you live in Australia, like I used to, or your travelling to a hot country like Australia then you need to be careful of how much exposure to the sun you should have unprotected (without sun screen or a long top or a hat etc). There is an awesome free app for Australians called “Sun Smart App” that tells you when you can go out in the sun unprotected.

Another awesome reason to move is to move energy around the body. Stagnant energy in our bodies can lead to many illnesses including stress, anxiety, irritability, eratic emotions, digestive issues, inability to make a decision and loads more. Clearing the energy blocks helps you think clearer and release resistance and allow you to receive positive energy to you.

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