Energy can stop flowing when there is clutter in the room. Let’s say you entered a house where there is stuff everywhere, have you noticed how you are feeling? The feeling like you have no energy, depressed and you just want to leave. If you are feeling sluggish and depressed, clear out your room and declutter and notice if your mood changes.

A good book on how to clear a room is Spark Joy by Marie Kondo, my Mum advised that I read this book before moving to the UK as I could only pack 30Kgs worth of clothes, shoes and necessities, if I remember correctly at the airport I weighed in at 29.9Kgs. Now, this amazing lady is Japanese and has great ideas how to utilise your space and clear what is not necessary. Especially when there isn’t a lot of space in Japanese houses she is able to create space with what you have.

So let’s try it, this exercise is intended for you to declutter and for you to feel the difference in energy by trying something easy like your wardrobe, before tackling the kitchen or lounge room you may need a mirror. Begin by taking everything out of your wardrobe I mean everything, your wardrobe should be bare. Place your clothes into categories like shirts, dresses, pants, skirts, undies, socks, accessories etc. Once you have them in categories look at each pile independently check to see if the garment fits (which means you should try it on), does it have holes (in which case can it be mended) and does the garment give you joy? In other words you won’t wear or keep a garment if the colour doesn’t suit you or if it makes you feel unattractive.

The idea behind this is that you deal with each garment there and then, none of the leave it for a year and if I don’t think about it then it can go attitude. By doing that you are then left with a box taking up precious space when those clothes can go to charity for someone who desperately needs it. If there are items that are sentimental and you are unwilling to give it up, then put it back until you are absolutely sure that you are willing to part with it.

Marie Kondo also gives awesome ideas on how to fold clothes so that you can utilise more space in your wardrobe. This exercise is designed for you to see the change in energy after decluttering and not only that but you have also cleared out your wardrobe, notice also what clothes you have chosen to put back into your wardrobe these clothes probably are the clothes that you feel comfortable in and that you look good in. This is a good way to see yourself, take time for yourself and reconnect with yourself with the fashion you like. So have fun with it I would love to hear if you have tried it by commenting below.

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