As I was talking to my housemate the other day she had mentioned that she was messaging this guy and in one of her messages she put a 💜 at the end of the message, after that message she said that she hadn’t heard from him in a while and when she did the message seemed different (as she put it). Could a small heart emoji cause that problem after it was delivered as a nice gesture?

Granted the four-letter word LOVE can have a deep meaning especially in a relationship when it’s the first time you tell each other that you love them, good times. Then the relationship may go south and it ends leaving the other feeling hurt, betrayed and broken. That’s when the four-letter word LOVE turns to the other four-letter word HATE.

Love can be disguised in many ways. For example, when meditating love can be sent to a person or many people or a country or you can go big and give love to the world. Or as Abraham from Esther and Jerry Hicks you can send love on a vibrational frequency, which can also lead you finding your soul partner on the same frequency as well…exciting. A nice gesture, like thinking of someone, talking to someone, helping someone out can also be shown as love. There are many ways that love can be shown and if you think about it love is pretty much in everything we do and it’s hidden from the conscious eye.

Now, if you sent yourself a heart emoji or if you tell yourself that you love you. How would you feel? Would it be easier for you to tell yourself that you hate yourself? When you look into a mirror most people can pick at least 10 things they don’t like about themselves but ask them what they do like and they can be standing in front of that mirror for a while.

If your proverbial cup is empty of love how are you going to send out love to yourself, children, partner, family or anyone else that matters to you? It’ll be very draining and emotional, however if you fill your cup (yourself) with love then sending love will be easy, as it’ll be constantly flowing from within you. In other words you can’t give out what you don’t have. Clearly my housemate was full of love and the guy she was messaging wasn’t ready to receive.

As I’m a big fan of Louise Hay I have used her mirror work to be able to love myself so that I can send out love and receive love. So there are two main pieces of equipment you will need for this exercise and that is a mirror and you. It might also help if you get her book Mirror Work: 21 Days to Heal Your Life – Louise Hay. Also, mirror work can be found on YouTube. Give it a go and see the difference with yourself giving and receiving love into your life.

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