When your sat at your desk all day and looking out the window wanting to get the body moving but also wanting to calm your mind then it’s time that you begin mindfulness walking meditation.

You may be thinking what is mindfulness walking meditation? Mindfulness means to be consciously aware, for example candle meditation, where the focus is the pureness flame. However, in walking meditation your focus is how you move, breathe and see.

You’ll also find this particular way in Labyrinth meditation however you ask a question before entering the labyrinth, focus on the walk, breathing and looking ahead until you reach the centre, where you stand/sit still until you are ready to leave, by then you may or may not have an answer. When you leave the labyrinth, take a few deep breaths and continue with your next segment of your life.

So how to get started?

Make sure you have comfy shoes and clothes as well as finding an area that’s safe so that if your mind wanders you don’t walk out in front of a car. Begin by standing still and being consciously aware of your body; your posture/stance; how your body balances; feel your feet in your shoes getting grounded and your breathing. This is the time for you to relax and clam the body and the mind.

Take a few deep breaths and begin walking, not at your usual pace a little slower, we are in no rush to go anywhere this is your time. Ensure you make full contact of the ground with your feet, breathe deeply and fully and your sight should be focused in front of you, but relaxed be aware of your peripheral sight. Continue to walk comfortably and naturally.

If your mind wanders then allow the thoughts to enter; acknowledge them; then move them on. Return your focus to your breathing, your body, your sight and continue walking, I recommend that a 20-minute walking meditation will be beneficial for you. Be easy with yourself, love what you are doing and enjoy it. If your mind does wander that’s ok, don’t become frustrated or angry with yourself with practice it will come easier to you.

At the end of the walk, become aware of your surroundings and allow yourself to come to a stop with ease. Take a few deep breaths and then continue with your next segment of your life (if your not sure what segment is about you can read about it in a previous blog).

This is a great way to meditate as it is a way for you to be able to practice this in a busy life, or if you’re desperate to get away from your desk or in a difficult situation as you can easily walk and meditate without people looking at you.

Wanting more out of your meditation and looking for an answer and want your higher self or spirit guides or even your angels to help you? Then before you go on your walk ask your question.

I like to say “I have a question that I would like answered and call upon my higher self/spirit guides/angles for your help and guidance. (Ask the question). Thank you for being there.”

Sometimes, the answer won’t come to you straight away, the answer may come to you in another form later when you’re ready to receive or hear the message. I love mindfulness walking meditation and I’ll always carry a crystal with me depending on my mood or whichever crystal jumps out at me at the time.

I hope you benefit from this and if you’re in need for guidance and support with meditation then contact me or join one of my meditation classes or a private session.

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