I had planned an amazing trip for my 40th birthday so that I don’t do my usual and that is drink myself to oblivion and cry because I’m getting older. As I grow stronger in my spiritual journey I decided for my 40th I would commence the Camino de Santiago trek beginning in St Jean De Paul and making my way into Spain, climbing the Pyrenees in doing so. This journey for me was for me to connect strongly with myself and finding love within.

The day I arrived into France was the day my next chapter of my life began. As Robert Holden wrote in his book Loveability “to know love you must first know yourself” that was brilliant I really resonated with that, so that was one thing I needed to work on was getting to know myself deeper. Earlier in my life, when I saw a Life Coach I was lost and had no idea who I was, I couldn’t even tell you what made me laugh! I really had to think about it. However, this time I felt like I needed to know myself way deeper then genealogy and genetics instead of finding out what makes me, me. I needed to find out who I am at a deeper level.

The second thing was to understand love and where does my love come from you may sit there and read this and say ITS FROM THE HEART and I would concur but it’s also allowing yourself to be loved and accepted. So as I set out to walk the pilgrim trek I had two things I wanted to achieve from this short holiday.

I only walked 130kms this time and yes I did find out more about myself and I was able to meditate through mindfulness walking meditation - I had plenty of time to meditate. I met some awesome people who also had their own agendas of what they would like to achieve from this trip. So overall the trip was successful to what I was willing to receive.

Now I know this trip was about love because the universe has given me signs. After my walk I went to my Aunt’s place in Spain and she took me out to dinner and had the rabbit and chicken paella. What I didn’t realise is that they cooked the whole rabbit in the paella, but that’s ok I had never tried rabbit before so this was a good experience. The lady sitting opposite me said “I always get the head” so I looked at her plate then gazed down at mine. What I saw was a blackish blob in the middle of my paella so I looked closely and I saw what was a remnant of an aorta, so I picked it out to have a closer look and low and behold it was the heart of the rabbit, now if that’s not a sign what is?

Another occurrence was when I was hosting a meditation class after I arrived home and decided to pull out my Kyle Gray’s Keepers of the Light Oracle cards and allowed each student to pick a card for meditation. Out of all the cards I picked “Faith” the sentence that just clicked with me was “…first trust yourself, when you do this and recognise that you are made of love…” you just can’t make this stuff up!

So I believe that I am on the correct path of finding more about myself in a deeper connection and that love is within me and I need to allow it to grow. With meditation, crystal therapy and gaining knowlege my love will grow stronger.


Kyle Grays “Keepers of the light” oracle cards.

Robert Holden book “Loveability” an excellent read.

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