The Saying “Bad things come in Three’s”

“Bad Luck comes in Three’s”

“Death comes in Three’s”

Is old, that said people have a tendency to formulate this in their minds that when one bad situation happens then another two will follow.

So where does this superstition come from?

It can lead back to Christianity – the Holy Trinity (The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit) where in Demonology the Witching hour is 3am which is inverted to the miracle hour of 3pm, in addition it’s known that the Devil knocks three times which is another mockery to the Holy Trinity.

Another myth relates to soldiers when they would smoke; the third soldier who would light-up would be shot. In actual fact the sniper was probably lining up his line of sight to make the shot.

Nowadays, the superstition continues but is fueled by minor things for example the milk spilling over, dropping things, tripping over. With the idea that three bad things will come, then it will come, because it is stored into our subconscious. When I was growing up I remember my parents would say things like that because that’s what they were told and so on. So when a bad situation happens then automatically you will recall that idea in which the cycle will continue. Which leads me to the Law of Attraction, if you believe that three bad things will happen then, yeah for sure, three bad things will happen.

So my recent experience proves that bad things DO NOT come in three’s.

I travelled up to London Heathrow T5 and I realised that I had no cash with me, so I decided to withdraw money from the cash point. I put my card into the machine and followed the instructions, however at the end when it said to remove the card and the money will be dispensed, the card never came out. The ATM took my card and without cash, at first I was a shocked, but I made a choice and chose to breathe, stay calm and make some phone calls. One to the company that owned the ATM and then the other to my bank and I took another breath and thought of what I can do.

I walked up to the foreign currency and I asked the guy at the counter if I could withdraw cash from my Credit Card and he was very happy to help. I then caught the shuttle bus, where I had to pay cash, to my hotel where I arrived before check in time (some hotels are strict about their check in time) however the receptionist was able to check me in early. After getting ready, I sat in the hotel bar where the girl behind the bar informed that all buses take the oyster card, so I checked my oyster card and I had money on it. I was able to arrive to my destination and had an awesome time and all those positive things happened after one bad thing.

At the end of each day, before going to bed, reflect on your day and see how many positive things happened within your day. You’ll find that you will find more than you may know. Unfortunately, bad things in your life will appear to me more noticeable than positive but once you see that there are positives in every day, then your mind will switch and the positives will over shine the negative.

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