Float Away With Me

Float Away With Me Yesterday I would have been in Perth, Western Australia for nearly three weeks and during that time I have been busy running around; catching up with people; spending some time with my parents; making appointments; getting documents sorted out; and expanding my business into Aromatherapy. So it has been a busy few weeks, feeling stressed and not really getting a lot of “me” time. Perth hasn’t changed a lot since I’ve been away so I knew that the place I love to go to for a float will still be up and running so I checked out their website and made an appointment online to Beyond Rest. Beyond Rest have a few pods where you can just float in your birthday suit, in pitch black and silence. It was a great time for me to be myself after a few crazy weeks and to get a chance to have an hour of meditating and relaxing this in itself was an awarding experience and got me excited about my appointment. Once I was shown my room and followed the pre procedures before getting into the pod, I started to feel relaxed knowing that the next hour will be peaceful. Once a jumped into the pod of shallow water full of Epsom salts which has an abundance amount of magnesium, I shut the lid and turned off the light. In the distance I could hear the music playing which I always loved as it helps you to relax even more, the music plays for a while then it fades out and then I am in silence. I began my float with meditation and I love using the visualisation where I can cleanse my Chakras and realign them. I begin with the root chakra symbolised by the colour red and slowly work all the way up to the crown chakra, yes during my meditation I would slip into a deep relaxation and start beginning to visualise scenes. Once that scene is finished then I would move my focus back to the meditation. It’s very hard not to fall into deep relaxation as there is no pressure along your body and knowing there is a lot of salts in there to keep you afloat you feel less anxious about drowning. Once I finished cleansing and realigning my chakras through meditation, I then shifted my focus on my breath and see where my visions will lead me. When I go to one of these floating sessions I always bring a notepad and pen, to write anything down that would come to me during the float. I find it also a great way, to figure out stuff. Life is busy and sometimes you need to go somewhere quiet and figure out the next step of your life, floating will assist you with that because no one is interrupting your thoughts and it gives you peace so that you can focus on what you need to. Come to the end of my float, the music gently fades back into the pod allowing you time to get moving and that’s what I did, I twisted and moved my spine and all my joints. The float allows you to move them without any pressure and the magnesium softens up the muscle. I find this super beneficial as I have upper back problems. Once I get out of the pod and have a shower and get dressed, write down anything that popped up during my session there is a common area where they supply herbal tea after your float. The people there are super friendly and easy to talk to. This is something I need to get back in to when I get back to the UK, I’ll need to find a place with a similar atmosphere, which I’m sure won’t be hard to find. If you haven’t tried a float then I suggest you give it a go at least once and tell me about your experience on my Facebook page @togetherwelljourney.   

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