When I was seeing my parents and friends in Oz few months ago I had arranged to catch up with my soul sister we had a great time chatting, as you do. Nonetheless, what I found interesting was when she said that her hubby had sorted out his Facebook friends, and apparently he was brutal, going from a few hundred friends to about thirty friends.

I was in awe with this because it’s one thing in my environment that hasn’t been sorted out in years which means I still have people on there that aren’t supportive; that I haven’t spoken to in years; don’t even remember who they were, which means my social network area is toxic and needs to be cleaned.

In addition, I thought about the people on my Facebook at that time and how I felt about them with my growing business and realised that I didn’t post anything on my Facebook personal page because I was worried about the way some would respond. Which is quite a negative feeling considering your friends and family are there to support you.

So with that, I allocated time and set the mood. I began with using my beautiful essential oils from DoTerra specifically “Purify” a gorgeous scent of mainly lemongrass, which helps remove negativity. The amazing Crystals I used were black tourmaline, selenite and Amethyst because they are cleansing crystals. Then I made a list of who will stay and the categories I used are:


Souls sisters/brothers

Friends I still talk to

Friends for business

And friends who I still like hearing from and don’t judge.

Then I took my phone and started the biggest sort out on my Facebook friends list ever, it was like a cut-throat list.

The emotions I had during that time was trepidation because I wasn’t sure if I would need to contact them again in the future. With that, I looked at the last time we had talked and then realised if I haven’t spoken to them in years then there is a good chance that I won’t be speaking to them in years to come.

It was a cathartic experience to do and I recommend anyone to try it. People have problems letting go because of “FOMO” (Feeling of missing out) but also they fear they may talk to them again considering that last time they spoke to that person was over fifteen years ago. Even if you get into it easy and remove anyone who is negative towards you, you will still enjoy the feeling of empowerment.

My challenge for you is to give it a go and see what emotions you feel during the session and afterwards…you’ll be surprised.

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