How amazing was this summit, if you were there you know what I am talking about. This was my first Angel Summit and it was held in Bristol. I decided to stay the weekend and enjoy the beauty of Bristol but also relax so that I can take in as much as I can on the day. It was a big day too, with many awesome Angel Experts including Kyle Gray and the amazing Radleigh Valentine.

With the excitement and high energies within the City Hall, preparation had to be done. Beginning with my beautiful DoTerra essential oils, I always travel with Lavender, Lemon, Smart and Sassy, Chammomile, Peppermint but also I bought along with me Cheer and Balance (grounding oil) for my diffuser.

The crystals I bought along was Amethyst, Strawberry Quartz (I love the loving energy that this crystal brings to me but also in support of the Strawberry Full Moon), Carnelian great for grounding, and one crystal that jumped out at me was Angelite (literally this crystal flew into my view if that isn’t a sign then what is?) and a quartz point to enhance their energy around me.

The day itself was amazing starting with Dianne Cooper then after that I got a reading done by Radleigh Valenetine and he read a card I pulled out and he tells me that “I need to be patient, that I have sewn my seeds and now have to wait and watch them grow” he signed my card and my deck. His reading was fantastic because it kinda followed on from Kyle’s reading I received earlier this year when I went to his workshop in London.

Radleigh spoke later that day and it was a real heart felt talk and then he followed on by doing a few readings which was really good unfortunately there were a few people who asked similar questions. However there was one lady who asked for a reading who appeared desperate for guidance and it was a really hard reading but Radleigh delivered it so well.

All and all I had a great time and strongly suggest that you get to go next year. Considering I had a great time I’ll probably go next year as well, so you may see me there.


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