Having a few days out with my Soul Sister.

One of my Soul Sisters (SS) and I went for a quick holiday here in the UK with the intention of taking in the beauty of what this country offers. When we live in a country sometimes we take for granted what is in front of us, so we made sure that we got to see as much as we can in such a short time.

We began in the Isle of Wight at a little pub called Waverley Inn in Newport. As we were staying there the night, we dropped our bags off and settled in. It was a cute pub/hotel and the staff were very friendly. Once we settled, we headed to Shanklin to see the Chine, one of Mother Nature’s beauty, the place was very peaceful and calming. We then took the opportunity to sink our feet into the ocean where it was cool and sandy then headed back to the Chine to see it lit up at night, as interesting as it was I preferred the natural beauty of the Chine during the day.

The day was long so it was late by the time we got back to the hotel. All the same I was able to do my usual evening regime of beauty with the essential oils that I had blended for my skin. Soon after, I did my journaling, meditation and some light yoga. I take my journal everywhere, as I like to right down all the positive things that happened to me during that day especially if I had a crappy day, also I jot down anything that may come to me during my meditation like a message. I had also bought my essential oils and diffuser as well as my crystals.

The next day I woke up and began the day with my morning routine of meditation and yoga, then headed down to the garden for breakfast sitting in the morning sun as well as having great company from the resident cats. After breakfast we packed our bags and headed out to Mottistone Estate Gardens, considering it’s been a harsh summer in the UK the garden looked good and peaceful. We then trekked to the Long Stone which was about a burial site during the Neolithic age however the stones were moved during the Saxon times, it was still interesting to know the background of these stones and just up on the hill gave you the most entrancing view over the coast.

From there we needed to get to Fishbourne to catch the ferry to Portsmouth so that we could catch our train to Brighton. Once we got on the ferry, we had the opportunity to sit down and relax. It was a hot day too, so we were happy to get a seat and relax and cool down. Once we go to Brighton we dumped our bags at our hotel and had a quick look around and then when we got back to the hotel and we ordered in. It was just what we needed as we were knackered after our long travels and walks but it was good just to sit back relax watch a bit of TV and talk #girlsnightin.

The next day was our last and we had little time in Brighton. We had to put our bags somewhere so we didn’t end up dragging them around with us and we found a hostel/pub who held luggage which was great as there were no lockers at the train station. Once the bags were dumped, we went down to The Lanes and the Royal Pavilion then took our last walk along the coast and the pier before we headed back to catch the train and to end the trip in Southampton where we parted.

In reflection, the holiday was great and would do it again and the most important was to catch up with my SS. However we could’ve planned the travelling times better as winging it really didn’t benefit us. All the travelling time we did that we didn’t factor in really hit us and that was what tired us out.

I love travelling and travelling with a friend makes it more exciting although it is important to have time to yourself and don’t forget your spiritual practice. I also like to prepare for the trip by preparing my essential oils and crystals that will be travelling with me as well as the outfit I’ll be wearing.

My list of things to take with me when travelling anywhere in the world is:

  • My Journal

  • My essential oils – including my essential oils first aid kit.

  • My crystals – the main ones I take are Amethyst, Tigers Eye, Quartz point and whichever resonates with me.

  • My beauty products, especially the ones that I’ve made up with my beautiful oils, including a dry brush and oils that I use for my oral hygiene.

  • And obviously clothes.

You are only going to be, as you want to be with practice and with visualisations.

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