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Sleep is an important part of life it helps us function by resting and recharging the mind and body, however when we’re stressed it becomes harder laying our head down and floating away in a cushy white fluffy cloud.

This is because the mind is continuously active and becomes difficult to rest the conscious which can also affect the subconscious as the dreams that you receive throughout your sleep can be either interesting or frightful. This is because your body is still in the “fight or flight” response and the body is unable to regulate itself back to homeostasis (equilibrium).

So here are some helpful tips for you to get a good night sleep after a stressful day or week or year.

1. TURN OFF YOUR PHONE, this is a big one as today technology rules our lives everything nowadays has a form of electricity going to it like our phones, TV’s, Tablets, bedside clocks etc. Whilst some of these emit blue led lights others emit red or green lights. However the blue light is interesting because when we’re out in the sunlight our eyes absorb Vitamin D through our eyes using the Ultraviolet Rays (Blue spectrum) as a channel. So, when we are exposed to blue lights our eyes will naturally be alert.

In fact any light can disturb sleep so it’s better to turn everything off and probably safer for you in your bedroom as it will minimises radiation. Crystals are great to help reduce the radiation in your room especially the amazing Tourmaline, place it near any object that needs electricity.

2. Ensure that you eat a good diet and not junk food. The processed foods full of bad fats and sugar and preservatives, that we may crave through a stressful time, can also interrupt a good night sleep. Our body is organic therefore we should feed it proper food and fermented foods as a healthy gut is a healthy body. It takes longer for the body to breakdown bad foods so when you’re trying to sleep and your body is trying it’s hardest to break down the food, it can disrupt your sleep. So eat healthy and early.

3. Practice meditation and yoga before bed. Yoga is great way to help the body unwind but doing slow gentle yoga helps stretch out those tight tired muscles and helps you breathe. Breathing is also another way of relaxing the body and mind, just concentrating on your breathing for five minutes a night will help, try Pranayama Breathing and continuing from that begin a short meditation session.

4. Get outside and open the curtains during the day, it is important for us to get appropriate amount of Vit D and the best way to do this is by getting some sun. As mentioned above our eyes absorb an amount of Vit D but our skin also absorbs it and this is a great routine if you travel a lot and suffer from jet lag. Vit D helps with moods so when we’re insufficient we can begin to feel low and tired, you may also feel like this when the weather changes it’s called the Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD).

5. Crystals and Essential Oils are beneficial in aiding a good night’s sleep as the energy of the crystals can help calm the mind and body depending which crystal you use and how you programme them, the best crystals for bed time are Selenite and Amethyst. Selenite helps with calming you as Amethysts will enhance your dreaming. Essential oils are great for the aroma they produce but when diffused these oils can also benefit you by calming you, my favourites for bed time sleep is DoTERRA’s Restful Blend and Grounding blend.

6. Keep a journal by your bed as this is will be handy to write down whatever is on your mind or whatever wakes you up. When you begin noting down what is upsetting you, you may begin to see a pattern and then from there you are able to deal with the problem. Also, if you are having weird dreams then in the morning after you wake and before you forget what the dream is about, jot it down again when you are receiving so many you may find a pattern, which may be related to the stress you are dealing with but also, there may be hidden messages from your Angels/Sprit Guides in the dream.

7. A good bedtime routine is important, not only to put everything above together, because when we set ourselves a time every night to be in bed and we stick to it our body clock becomes used to that routine. Notice when you have days off and all you want to do is sleep in but you can’t because your body and mind is used to the morning routine of getting up and out, it will be the same at night but in reverse.

There are many people who can guide you in stressful times please do not feel as though you are alone, talk to someone. Sometimes all it takes is someone to listen to you and help make sense of what you are going through if you are looking for someone check out my website and leave a message and I’ll get back to you www.togetherwelljourney.com.


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Be good to your gut by Eve Kalinik

Renegade Beauty by Natalie Artemis.

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