Moving is a big change in one’s life and stressful especially when you’re moving countries. The plan taken to pack up and move as well as finding somewhere to live and begin to make your place in that town takes time and research. Apart from that in a positive manner, you know when you’re on the right track especially when it begins to flow effortlessly and finding that place for you seems to be within reach.

I moved from Southampton to London and I was busy for a couple of weeks looking at places and meeting people, being knocked back and being ignored. It became tiring and stressful especially when you don’t hear anything back from them also very draining and depressing especially if you’re looking for a flat share.

In the beginning I was just looking for a place where I could move in quickly and that just was not working for me, so I sat down and wrote a list of what I wanted in a place (using the law of attraction). As I put pen to paper and saw what it is exactly that I wanted, I then meditated and visualised myself in that place. Then the next few places were getting closer to what I had visualised until I finally found the place for me.

When you move into a place you need to be aware of the energy that is left in that space, so space clearing is essential so that you get rid of the past energy and invite good energy into your space. The most popular way of cleaning energy especially negative is through burning sage and that’s great and I definitely did that when I moved in. Although there were other techniques that complimented that.

The techniques I used to help clear space is very simple yet effective.

  1. Burning Sage – Sage is definitely a clearing and purifying way of removing unwanted or old energy. The smoke of the smudge stick can get into any nook and cranny of the place.

  2. Essential Oils – How awesome is it to use these oils which can last however long depending on the diffuser you have? I have a diffuser that lasts about eight hours and I placed in my diffuser oils from DoTERRA – Purify and Eucalyptus.

  3. Flower Essence – Buy yourself some nice flowers when you move in as these help smooth and balance the vibrations in your place. Flowers are also Mother Nature’s gift and beauty so naturally they will bring in a wonderful vibe as well as their pure spiritual essence which brings calmness and harmony. There are lists out there of which flowers to bring into your home, however I chose flowers that made me smile and feel good.

  4. Crystals - are also Mother Nature’s beauty and when you use certain crystals to create a safe place then you will feel calm and at peace. I know when I placed my crystals in my room I felt calm and secured. Before placing them you need to clean and reprogram them as you don’t want any bad energy from the move to seep into your space that you are clearing.

  5. Candles – Fire is an amazing element that helps with the balance within a room. In Feng Shui in order to balance a room it has to have all elements that work in harmony with each other and fire is one of those elements. Also, candles can help ignite your inner flame, but also by focusing on the flame helps clear space with light, warmth and new energy.

  6. Holy Water – for many years now people would have their places blessed with holy water so that they would live many years in peace and harmony with the protection of the higher power. I don’t have access to holy water so I used spring water and placed a Quartz crystal in it and then meditated and visualised light and love pouring through me into the bowl and then splashed some water around the place, with the leftover water I returned it to Mother Nature (my garden).

  7. Removing Clutter – When we move we realise how much stuff we actually accumulated so this is a great time to get rid of the stuff we don’t need, so that when we move into the new place were not bringing in stagnant energy that is usually found on items that aren’t used.

  8. Feng Shui – for me Feng Shui is important when I move into any place I need to be aware of the placement of the head of the bed and ensure I have the four elements within my room (there is an art to Feng Shui). As I’ve been practicing Feng Shui for a few years now, I now have and know what I need to make my chi flow effectively. Feng Shui helps with chi flow of any room and balance within them, it begins with working out your Kua Number which informs you of your positive directions in your home. For more information on Feng Shui Lillian Too is a fabulous expert and has written many books however there are many books out there that will also help with your experience.

These are just a few things that I’ve done to my new place to make it harmonious and peaceful. There are many more ways to clear a space and make it your own but these are my top eight.

New place new beginnings.


Space Clearing A-Z by Denise Linn

Feng Shui by Lillian Too.

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