Making a date with yourself

Now that I’ve moved into my new place I decided to go for a walk and check out my neighbourhood. It was good to get out and be in the sun, as our bodies need to load up on the vitamin D before the winter comes. With everything that has been happening over the past few weeks I’ve forgotten self-care and realised this when I went for a walk as walking is something I like to do.

Self-care is about taking care of yourself with an added bonus it supports the management of your mind (in other words it keeps you sane). Self-care sounds easy doesn’t it? If it’s easy then why aren’t more people doing this? In so many people’s lives they are so busy that they forget to take the time for themselves. I see that with my soul sister who has young children she is constantly running after them plus maintaining a household plus work, so when I see her she looks like she’s running on empty.

Someone once told me that having a knee injury is the universes way of telling you to slow down. Louise Hay wrote in her beautiful book "Heal Your Body" that if you acquire a knee problem is about being stubborn and pride. Four years ago I snapped my ACL as I was taking on too much and was told to slow down but didn’t, then pop goes the knee. So if you don’t take the time for you then I’m sure something will come across in your life where you are forced to take time for you.

The most common art of self-care are eating healthy and exercising, which is brilliant however it is what the body needs but really is that the self-care that makes you feel joyful? I encourage my clients to write a list of all the things they would like to do that they can slot into their lives and it ranges from a day spa to something simple as having quiet time and picking up a magazine or book, listen to a podcast, may be even knit. Then I get them to add onto their calendar, this is where frustration presents itself and that's fine because you need to let go of the guilt you may feel of looking after yourself.

When writing the list ensure that it's written as if you've been doing this for months already and ensure it's written positively. This is because of the fabulous mind we have, if we tell ourselves that we already do something and say it positively, it raises our vibrations also it puts it out in the universe.

For example

“I never have time to do what I want, I would like to read a magazine from cover to cover.”

Which can be translated to:

“I don’t take time for my needs” or “my needs aren’t important”

Try saying

“I love reading In Style and I allocate myself half an hour once a month to sit down and read”

When you make the statement into a positive it becomes real and when you give yourself a time then you’re halfway of making a date with yourself and when you talk as though you have already done it, it makes the mind think that it’s something you do every month.

Begin with small things and add them slowly into your daily routine, just doing small things you can see the results in a couple of weeks. Give it a go or if you have any questions then send me a message.

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