My fascination of crystals began when I was a teenager and always carried them around with me and even had them laid out in my bedroom. When I became a young adult the crystals were put away until five years ago where I began my spiritual journey and was encouraged by my Spiritual Life Coach to bring them back out again and for that I am extremely grateful.

When I opened up my box full of crystals I was amazed how many crystals I had collected as a teen, I even had books on crystals that I had forgotten about. As my spiritual journey grows so does my crystal collection, when I came across the Crystal Healing course from the college of Natural Therapies I jumped onto it, as I believe that crystals have these amazing magical powers and can help people heal, protect, enhance and much more.

Many people wear crystals and gems in everyday life, Princess Diana had a beautiful blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds. For those who follow astrology then there is a birthstone that is connected to the month of their birth and another to their zodiac sign. For example my birthstone in October is Opal and my zodiac stone as a Libra is Lapis Lazuli. So stones are mentioned in our lives someway or another but if you dig deep to where they come from and how the energy of these stones can change your energy you will be amazed and begin your own collection.

Crystals have been used for a very long time, even before written history, when they discovered some crystals that were made into amulets. Crystals come in all forms from semi-precious to mineralisations and can be found either in a cluster or singular. They are found all over the world and they come from Mother Earth herself the most common crystal is the quartz and has considerable powers.

Crystals have this amazing way of vibrating and some people have even experienced it by holding a crystal in their hand where they feel a tingle. As humans we are made up of atom, electrons and neurons (molecule) and then from there tissue, muscle, organs are formed. So are crystals when they are are forming they too have a molecular structure. During the solid phase of the crystal the molecules within that crystal are drawn together as close as possible during their formation, partly of strong electromagnetic forces and depending where they are formed the pressure of being deep within the earth. As the crystal molecules have no space they are unable to roam around freely therefore they vibrate together and a Crystal Lattice is formed where the molecules arrange themselves to specific geometric patterns.

Looking at the quartz family they send out a certain electricity that make the quartz an amazing healer. This is because the quartz allows the electrical impulses move in a pre-determined path, therefore the energy given moves directly to that area of blockage, needs healing or to amplify a healing. This is why Rose Quartz which is know to heal a broken heart and can also be used around the heart chakra, can direct the vibration to that area and fill it with positive emotions of self-confidence and the feeling of being loved. However on that path the crystal can also absorb the negative energy therefore it is important to cleanse your crystal when used.

So why are some crystals specific to a specific body type. Lets have a look at Calcite (CaCO2) which is calcium carbonate. Because of the Calcium content we then relate it to bones therefore it is used to help heal fractures.

Besides healing the body, crystals placed around the room can also change the energy. I use them with Feng Shui by placing specific crystals in the different grid areas of the Bagua so that it can enhance that energy. Crystals are a great all rounder and I take them wherever I go.

My love with crystals will continue to grow as I grow spiritually and I love using these crystals in my Crystal Healing. I challenge you to pick up a crystal and give it a quick rinse under the tap and once it’s cleansed (you will know when because the crystal will tell you) find a quiet place and sit down with your crystal and just hold it in your hand and feel the vibration.

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