Aromatherapy and Apothecary

Aromatherapy has always been a fascination of mine along with my amazing crystals and have been around for centuries and what I have begun to realise that these oils are fucken amazing in many ways whether you diffuse it, ingest it or apply it. The term Apothecary is being flung around the world of oils, Apothecary is a person who formulates and dispenses medication (like a pharmacist) so during this blog I would like to clarify that I do not recommend that you trade in your conventional medicine for just the oils. All I am suggesting is that you try them and use them along side the medicine the Doctor has prescribed you also you should inform your Doctor what oils you are using.

I don’t get headaches a lot only during a hangover or when I am feeling super tired and what I find really interesting is that instead of reaching for the over the counter Paracetamol I now reach for DoTERRA’s blended oil Past Tense. I have this oil in a roller ball and roll it over the area where my headache is the worst and within an hour my headache is gone and I am able to continue with what I am doing.

So how and why do these oils act so fast and effectively? This is because they are active at a cellular level, which basically means that these oils are able to reach the cell itself. For example with a headache the pain is usually associated with a vasoconstriction which prevents blood which in turn prevents oxygen reaching the brain leaving the brain starved, hence the pain. Essential oils can penetrate the blood vessel where it can do it’s amazing work. For example Chamomile is used for releasing tension by soothing the muscle therefore it helps to ease the vasoconstriction which then allows the blood and oxygen to flow into the brain. Chamomile is one of the ingredients found in Past Tense.

When I began my journey with essential oils I really didn’t know how affective they can actually be until I tested them. I was told when I signed up to DoTERRA that Clary Calm is an amazing oil for females especially during their favourite time of the month. So I wanted to try this theory and see where it leads. I stopped the pill after 20 years of being continuously on it as I believed that it was affecting me in a way that I thought I was beginning menopause in my late 30’s (however this is a story for another time). The fear I had and prevented me from coming off the pill was the period cramps that I would get however I stopped the pill anyway and relied on Paracetamol and Buscopan monthly, however it would still leave me bed ridden for the day.

So when I signed up, I enquired about the oil to help ease these cramps and was advised to take Clary Calm from DoTERRA, so I did. For the first month on it, I applied it where my sexual organs are (the smile of the abdomen or the base Chakra) and along the femoral pulse points. That month the pain did decrease, I was gobsmacked that it actually decreased the pain however didn’t remove it. Anyway, I figured it’s something I’m going to have to live with until I do reach menopause.

After having a chat with one of my soul sisters she introduced me to DoTERRA’s Whisper and I ordered it in the next monthly order. Upon receiving my oil Whisper I looked at what it can help with and it is also another oil for females. This oils specifically helps with monthly women problems so I applied it on my pulse points (wrists) with fractionated coconut oil (FCO) and that month I had no pain. The next month I didn’t apply it to see what would happen and the pain came back, so I applied the oil on my pulse points and over my base Chakra and within an hour the pain had decreased so that I can get on with my day. Yes, diet has a major role in cramps with women and yes it could’ve been the diet however I hadn’t changed my diet and the outcome was just that.

After reading this brilliant book “Renegade Beauty by Nadine Artemis” I have traded in my beauty products for essential oils creating them with carrier oils that works great with my skin. When Nadine talks about the natural microbiome of the body, I had totally forgotten how it is necessary that each part of our body naturally has bacteria that helps maintain that organ. For example the integumentary organ which is known as the skin has natural microflora bacteria that live there which are Staphylococci, Micrococci, Corynebacterium and Propionibacteria and what these bacterias do is to help protect us from infection, in a medical term the skin and it’s bacteria is the first line defence against infection. However with everyone believing that bacteria is bad they introduced the antibacterial wash which washes away our good bacteria leaving it weak against infection.

Not only that but our skin absorbs so much as well so when we apply the moisturiser, because we have washed away our skins normal oils, we absorb what’s in the moisturiser. How many people have looked at the ingredients where it states the chemicals used to make the product? So now I have made my own products with oils that help maintain a good environment for my bacteria and more natural for the organic body. The book goes on with so much more and really is an amazing read.

This has been my experience with oils and I have had fun experimenting with them. I now know when to use the oils that resonate with me, for example the Lavender oil gives me the weirdest dreams therefore I don’t apply it at night time and Cedarwood with FCO applied to my feet gives me an amazing night sleep. There are so many ways to enjoy the oils and if you have been curious about oils then get in touch

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