DoTERRA Aroma Touch

Couple of weekends ago, two amazing men arrived in London to hold a couple of classes using DoTERRA essential oils, these guys are my up-line within DoTERRA. The more I look into these oils the more I am amazed by their diverse uses, that weekend was about ingesting the oils with superfoods mainly cacao which was fantastic with chocolate lovers.

But what amazed me was on Sunday’s class when we used these beautiful oils in an Aroma Touch in the form of a massage. This is not a deep tissue massage this is a relaxing massage that helps infuse the oils into the body. The massage begins with oils to relax you followed by oils used for protection and then oils for pain and to end the massage by bringing the body back to homeostasis.

As you feel the oils being dropped onto your back and then the warm touch of the person’s hand massaging the oils into your body you also breathe in the oils. So now we are activating two of our senses touch and smell so the more you breathe the more you become relaxed and the massage allows the body to absorb the oils through the skin.

I have upper back problem especially around my shoulder blades as well as my neck and require a deep tissue massage to release the knots that are there, however with the oils and with the massage it felt amazing and I personally could feel the release. After the massage was finished I had this amazing feeling of absolute relaxation it took my mind a while to come back to my body. What I suggest that you do after the massage is to drink plenty of water.

The great thing is now that I am certified to give these amazing massages and I encourage anyone to give it ago. The benefits are amazing and if anything it gives you about 40 minutes to relax and who doesn’t like massage.

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