When I was a young child my Mum encouraged me to keep a journal to help improve my English, actually I think my English Teacher suggested it. However, it was the best thing that my mum encouraged me to do as I have been keeping a journal for over 20 years, granted it has been off and on during my early years, but when I began my Spiritual Journey writing in my journal became more fluent.

Reading over some of my journals as a teen and young adult, I realised that everything that I wrote in that journal was very negative, I couldn’t see anything positive. Back then a journal was helpful for me to try and figure out my life and the mistakes that had been made, however mistakes are experiences and from there you learn from them.

Looking at my Journal since the beginning of my journey it has changed to more positive outlooks, yes I still write negative comments in there depending on how I am feeling, but then you can always re-write it to a positive and that helps me look at situations in a better light, so that if a similar situation occurs I’ll be able to handle it in a much better manner.

There are five things that I encourage my clients to write about everyday in their journal that I am going to share with you that are easy to achieve and will help you along your journey and your path. I write in my journal morning and evening but I encourage you to write just once a day.

Buy a journal that you like because this journal resembles you and put it in a safe place, if you fear that your partner will read it then encourage them to write a journal as well and ask them to respect your privacy.

# 1

Decorate your journal.

On the first page I like to decorate it and place the year and write an affirmation for that year. For example this year I put 2018 and underneath it I wrote “I release all resistance to attracting money. I am worthy of a positive cash flow” the affirmation was taken from Louise Hay.

Begin with a positive affirmation for the year, you can even turn one of your new years resolutions into a positive affirmation and instead of not sticking with your resolution, now you can fulfill it.

# 2


Write your dreams down in the journal, this is why I journal in the morning. If I have a dream then I write it down before I forget it or if I have forgotten the dream, when waking, I write down how it made me feel.

Messages from your higher self/spirit guide/angel or a loved one can be given during a dream because at this stage of a dream you are in REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Cycle when the mind is slowly coming out of deep sleep and beginning to wake. This type of relaxation can also be met with meditation and this is why I encourage my clients to have a book and pen next to them so that they can quickly jot down any messages.

This is a great time for the messages to be received because your mind is open and no interfering will occur. When we are sleeping we are at a different vibration and the sub-conscious mind is more receptive to messages from a higher plane, the conscious at this time takes a seat in the back.

For those who are looking for to astral project or have lucid dreaming then this will be great to jot down the method to which lead you to either of those and how you were able to return to your vessel and what you experienced.

# 3

Emotions and Issues.

If there is a problem or a situation you’re not happy with write it down in the journal, not an email that you may accidentally send. When you write down how you feel or even what you would like to say then look over it when you’re calmer you can begin to resolve the problem.

Once you’ve written down the issue you become more aware of your emotions but also you may see that you may have overreacted. I have done that many of times, I am a person who emotionally reacts then realises that I totally misinterpreted the person. So now, when I have a problem I write it down and the next day I go over it and see if I am still upset by it or have I misread what they have said.

This also allows you to re-write your life, if your not happy of how you reacted then you can change it for the future. If your still not happy how they acted then you can do what is needed to move on. You’re in control of your life and a journal can show you that.

# 4

The Power of Positivity.

WRITE ONE THING YOUR GRATEFUL FOR! Or even one thing that made you smile in that day. Anything as long as it’s positive, after a while the positives will be flowing in. You can write anything because it’s your diary, it may be that you got to work without sitting in a traffic jam anything positive.

# 5

Sleepless Nights.

Keep it by your bedside because when you’re having a restless night and unable to get to sleep because your mind is still working then you have something to write in during the night.

Once you’ve written it down on paper your mind begins to relax allowing you to fall asleep. I’m usually like that when I’m stressed so my journal is there for me to jot down everything that’s going on in my head, even when I wake up at 3 am in the morning, I journal then I tend to fall back asleep knowing that I can pick up that thought in the morning.

When you continue with this practice it will become easier to do, it takes a person two weeks to be able to change their habits.

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