Why I have chosen a Whole Food Plant Based Diet

I made the choice to eat out today as it’s a beautiful sunny Winter’s day here in the UK. So I googled vegan pubs close to me and here I am at the Old Ship in Hammersmith which faces the Thames (you can see the pic on my instagram page) and I decided to share my journey from going predominately meat-eater to complete Vegan, well whole food plant based.

In January the UK promoted Veganuary which I thought was brilliant after the New Years and everyone getting on that health kick. I have always fabricated that Vegan people are malnourished and lacking protein, and even though they eat a lot of veg, that they are unhealthy. So, I decided to do some research and watched this doco on Netflix called “Forks over Knifes”. I have come to resonate with these two Doctors because they speak my language, ever since convenient “processed” foods came into play there has been a significant increase of diseases. What impressed me more was the correlation between the rise of heart disease (in particular) with high protein diets from the fat of the meat and dairy products, also what I found interesting is that in the countries who drink milk have the highest cases of osteoporosis.

I have tried all fad diets from the Zone diet, Atkins diet, Eat for your Blood type and many more but reflecting on my past diets, I realised my weight would fluctuate. However the Dukan diet really worked for me and I lost over 20kgs in just over 6 months, mind you I increased my personal training as well. However, after my knee surgery and moving to the UK, I had become lazy and not so active. So you guessed it my weight fluctuated again and as well as the Dukan diet worked for me, I really did not want to put myself on that strict regime again.

Therefore, I decided to give vegan a go using the advise of T.Colin Campbell who wrote the book China Study, who also specialises in whole food plant based dieting. His research explained in the movie “Forks over Knives” of how whole food plant based diets are healthier for a person and showed a few case studies. Then I came accross Rip Esselstyne the son of the other Doctor, who gives suggestions on how to introduce the diet into your routine, by bringing in fruit as your snacks, including more vegetables then meat. I began with that and ate all the meat I had left and that was it, I started my vegan journey. As I research more I learned that people have defeated cancer by changing their diet to a whole food plant based diet. So I looked into that and realised there is actually a small amount of fact behind that. The more crap we put in our body, the more our cells die or become deformed causing cancer cells. On average a small percentage of people eat antioxidant foods to help against the mutation of our cells. Whilst living on a whole food plant based diet the cells don’t degenerate as often and at a slower pace.

After living this lifestyle for a couple of weeks I decided to watch another film on YouTube which led me onto another doco in fact it was from Australia, it’s called Dominion (IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN DO NOT WATCH THIS FILM WHILST THEY’RE AROUND) shit this film is horrifying and yet informative. I am disgusted on how meat farmers treat the animals, absolutely disgusting. What pissed me off the most was that the RSPCA approved meat, these animals were in the same shed as caged animals that are not RSPCA approved and living in their own filth and killing them through gas which takes a longer and painful way for the animals to die. I have now lost all respect for RSPCA.

Apparently vegans don’t ingest enough B12 therefore we need to take supplements. B12 is found in the soil, as our soils are full of chemicals and toxins and we are encouraged to wash the food before we ingest them. So where does the B12 come from? it is commonly found in meat. The animals have grazed on the grass with the soil and their bodies absorb it, so when we come to eat the meat we too digest B12. Which then makes me think! After watching this film what else are their bodies ingesting before they are slaughtered; their own feces = Ecoli; other dead animals because they’re not removed from the pen with any urgency; and to top it off because we’re in a culture where we eat a lot of meat the animals need to grow faster so that they can be killed sooner for the consumer therefore Growth hormones and antibiotics are a major factor. Gives a new meaning to “you are what you eat”.

With the evolution of our food and how the human species became dominant we also fucked it for ourselves, the more of the demand the more unnatural our food becomes. The Paleo diet is based on the foods that the Caveman ate and that’s great, however back in those days the Caveman actually had to hunt and kill the animals themselves, that were roaming around freely. How would men go nowadays trying to hunt for their animals that are running around and drug free? I’m guessing starvation would increase, but instead disease has increased from the power of convenience.

The Dominion Movie also talks about “Free Range” animals, wow I am shocked and horrified. These animals are packed into a shed like the caged animals, they are killed in the same way and they are also living in their own filth. So, what’s the difference between caged animals and free range animals? Free range aren’t caged literally however they are shoved in an overcrowded shed which are located on the same farm next to the cage sheds as well and they are treated exactly the same as caged animals. Free range is not what is used as propaganda, chickens running around the farm, pigs having fun in the mud, cows relaxed and grazing on the grass, yeah that actually doesn’t happen, the truth of it is that they are treated exactly the same but without the cages.

Enough of my rant on how badly the farmers treat animals that are for produce. Other reasons why I have become whole food plant based.

  1. Physically, it’s great to reduce the chance of becoming that common statistic of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. I also have more energy and you notice that within the first week of changing over.

  2. Mentally it helps reduce anxiety and improves stress management.

  3. Spiritually, for me its about having clarification of my morals and ethics and also a connection to like-minded people (law of attraction).

As my spiritual journey grows and strengthens so does the confidence in my choices. Living a whole food plant based diet is a choice for me that my angels guided me to. When life choices come your way don’t fight it just go with it and reap the rewards. I never thought I’d be a vegan, however my spirit guides clearly saw another path for me.

Check out my website www.togetherwelljourney.com or visit my Facebook page and Instagram.

Bless it be.

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