Don't allow stress rule you

Have you had that moment in your life where you overcome by stress?

That was me last week, where everything just kept on piling up and it doesn’t help when I have high expectations of myself. The more I focused on one issue another issue would arise and it actually be the smallest issue that seems like it’s the straw that broke the camels back. On top of that, you tend to ignore your body’s cry for help. That was me and my body was yelling at me “I’m your body and I want attention” and when I didn’t give it the attention it needed my neck ceased.

I asked the universe for help whilst I was searching for someone who can loosen my neck and the Brackenberry Clinic in Hammersmith came up, I made that call and they were able to fit me in that day. When stress creeps up on you something always seems to lack in your life, whether it spirituality or exercise or eating well.

If you are like me, when I’m feeling stressed I tend to make poor dietery choices which is anything quick and easy. Even though I have chosen a whole food plant based diet it’s just as easy to go out and get processed vegan food.

Stress affects the chemical process in the body by increasing cortisol, which makes it difficult for the person to sleep, loose weight and even stay young. Yes! Stress can make you look older! Whilst this is all happening the body is also trying to maintain homeostasis. So now what we ingest in our bodies can disrupt the balance for example, alcohol, processed foods and sugar which is metabolised in the liver so now the body is working extra hard to achieve that harmonious balance. This potentially can lead to dis-ease within the body, the American Psychological Association has found a correlation between chronic stress and death and the leading causes are heart disease, cancer and suicide.

Wouldn’t you agree that in stressful times you need to check in with yourself?

So, now we have recognised trigger that is causing you stress here are a few hints of how we can overcome this stressful time but also incorporate it in our every day life so that we can feel relaxed everyday.

Mind- you become less focused of everything and everyone around you. The more you focus on what you are doing becomes cloudy and a lot more difficult then what it is intended to. You tend to keep working when you are mentally exhausted and get angry with life and little mistakes that occur.

  • The best way to keep the mind calm is taking constant breaks from what you are doing, so that you can recharge your mind which will also help you focus.

  • Ensure that you have an allocated finish time and resist taking your work to bed. Bed is for sleeping and fun stuff, not work (depending on your profession)

  • When you are relaxing the mind, feed it with something that you love such as a good book, movie or music.

Body– As mentioned above the food choices we make when we are stressed can affect our body, either through weight gain or weight loss.

  • Choose nutritious foods.

  • Do gentle exercise such as yoga or go for a walk. Going for a run or hitting the gym for massive weight session can cause more damage on the body as it’s already tense so trying and loosen up your body.

Spiritually– meditation can be difficult to do when your mind is thinking about other stuff so much more than normal, which then blocks messages from your spirit guides/angels/higher self.

  • Try guided meditation

  • Use crystals and keep them near you all the time. The beautiful crystals I kept with me was Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli and these powerful crystals helped me through my stress.

  • Essential oils, help in many ways whether you diffuse it or apply it to your skin. Either way these oils will definitely help through your stressful times.

When stress becomes out of control it’s good to talk to someone and get everything off your chest. Maybe someone you speak to can help with a problem you are facing.

After getting over my stressful period, I designed a guided meditation that I would like to share with you. So, I invite you to visit my website for a guided de-stress meditation.

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