4 Rituals For Spring

This Wednesday was a special day for those living in the Northern Hemisphere as it’s the Spring Equinox and it is the super-full moon, so there is big energy in the universe at the moment how beautiful, the flowers are coming out and my favourite the Magnolia Trees are beginning to bloom for me this is Spring. The Spring (Vernal) Equinox was on the 20 March 2019 where they day is as long as the night in other words it’s the Earths way of balancing bringing in new light and where life begins. The sun is the source of light which can also be the giver and destroyer of life, therefore it holds such importance through the ages and in different cultures, that is why people use to worship the sun during the solstice and equinox. New beginnings will appear during this time whether it’s a job promotion or possibly a new relationship, the energy around this time is strong so when you practice visualisations by using the law of attraction you will see the magic of Spring. This also is a great time to set goals, ensure when you set these goals that they are achievable within a realistic timeframe. So what makes the Spring (Vernal) Equinox so special? Well it’s the time when the day’s get longer and it’s a beautiful reminder that light will always return to Earth which means new light new life, new beginnings. It’s interesting to know that Easter happens to be close to the Vernal which is again a representation of new life or new beginnings depending how you want to see it. By embracing this powerful season there are few things I invite you to do. 1. Spring Clean If you are Australian you will know a famous singer by the name of John Farnham and one of his songs was “Sadie the cleaning lady” this is who you should become during a spring clean or at least down load the song and start cleaning. Begin with your surroundings everything you have hoarded over the year or past few years, get rid of because they don’t serve you anymore. In Feng Shui this helps remove old energy which allows new energy to re-enter your beautiful abode. Clothes are easy to begin with and I believe that’s why Marie Kondo the author of Spark Joy, details how to get your home in an organised manner and her system always begins with clothes. Clothes that no longer fit, let them go and give them to someone who needs them and who can fit in them. Most of all release the clothes that no longer give you joy and happiness, when you don’t feel comfortable in clothes you project that feeling outwards, you fidget instead of walking with confidence. Another way of cleaning is cleaning your mind, body and soul and I do an Ayurvedic Cleanse. It’s designed to cleanse your Dosha’s being Vata, Pitta and Kapha. You will need to give yourself three days minimum but also you will need to prepare. Then you need to cleanse the energy around you by either using a smudge stick or if you are like me have many Crystals. Bring the crystals out and clean them (you should clean them regularly anyway) however if you are not able to regularly clean your crystals then this is the time to do so and if you are lucky enough to do it on a full moon you can charge them under the moon light. 2. Connect with Nature Take the time to get outside It’s not winter anymore, so take the time to get outside and enjoy the out doors. Feel the sun on your face if you get up early take advantage of walking or jogging outside and feel the cool breeze on your face and to see the sun rise. Getting fresh air brings in refreshing and good energy and great way to start the day. As some may say this is a great time to get your summer body ready. Take your meditation outdoors and connect with nature be grounded, be grateful and prepare for the day ahead. 3. Flower Power Get the green thumb and again enjoying the outdoors but also it is a symbolic way to welcome growth into your life this spring by giving back to Mother Earth. Gardening in itself is a great way to bring calmness around you and for you to be closer to Mother Nature also another great way to meditate. When you have created a designer pot of your favourite plants or flowers, then bring them inside so that you can bring nature into your home that you have cleansed. The power of flowers create feelings of happiness and well-being which has a long-term effect on your mind, body and soul. When you spend time outside and taking care of Mother Earth you will encourage the elementals into your life and garden and let’s not forget about the importance of Bees who’s main job is to pollinate which includes our food crops, so plant flowers for them. 4. Write positive affirmations This is a great time to write positive affirmations or desires of what you wish to achieve in your life or the year. Ensure that they are written positively and only positive, meaning a sentence like “It’s not a bad day” turn that into a complete positive sentence “It’s a great day” “I have no money, but I encourage money to flow into my life” isn’t going to get what you desire see the universe hears the desperation behind it. So let’s change it to “Money always flows into my life and my bank account continuously grow” Now the thing with affirmations, when used correctly they can be powerful another little hint for you is that you MUST believe your affirmations. If you have an affirmation and can’t understand why it doesn’t work then you will need to work on your mindset, if you don’t believe it then it won’t happen. For an affirmation meditation visit my website www.togetherwelljourney.com/meditation And so it is. 


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