How To Reduce Anxiety

Why Do People Get Anxious?

Well it’s our mind that allows the fear to creep in combined with our ego we begin to imagine scenarios that haven’t occurred which are mainly negative. Also, our past experiences and learned behaviour can influence the way we perceive things, for example arachnophobia not all spiders are dangerous however if we see someone frightened of them we tend to be influenced by their emotions. Really how many people have been bitten by a deadly spider, so where does this fear come from?

According to the NHS there is no specific cause for anxiety however they came up with a few suggestions being an imbalance of chemicals within the brain, past history, alcohol misuse and genes (what you inherit). Which leads me to past life experience maybe in a past life you have not dealt with a situation that has caused an anxiety attack therefore you have this anxiety in this life.

The body increases its heart rate and blood pressure which gives you that uneasy feeling and maybe sweaty palms. The mind is powerful over the body when the mind is feeling anxious our body will match our thoughts, ever heard of having a nervous pee or poo?

How Do We Reduce Anxiety?

It’s important to understand where the anxiety comes from? When we deal with the root cause of the problem then the anxiety can be reduced.

Fear drives us and limits us, we need to address what is causing the fear. Is it previous failures, pain and what has been told to us? Fear prevents us from doing the things we love, when we live without fear we can begin to live the life we love. In saying that, we do need a little fear in our lives to let us assess the situation however don’t keep the fear around too long. Also, with knowing fear then we know what’s it like not to live in fear, the Law of Polarity.


Breathing - regulate our breathing, concentrate on the air that you breathe in and the air that you breathe out, take long deep breaths and long exhales. Do this four times. Pranayama Breath Control is another way of relaxing our breath. When we have exerted ourselves or if someone has scared us our breathing becomes erratic so regulate our breathing and take a few deep breaths to slow down our breathing will help get us back to balance.

Meditation - When you are calmer sit down and meditate and take the time to be silent within your mind, with anxiety I get my clients to concentrate on an object whether it’s a flame from a candle or even looking at a beautiful rose and focus on that object. This will clear the mind if we can clear our minds for at least five minutes, that’s five minutes of peace for you.

Exercise - regularly exercise whether it’s walking or doing yoga whichever moving the body is important to move the energy around the body, stagnant energy is bad energy.

Limit - limit your alcohol, smoking and processed foods.

Essential Oils - DoTERRA has a beautiful blend called Peace and this oil helps reduce anxiety.

Crystals - Sodalite crystal is an amazing harmonising stone to help those with anxiety, it calms the mind but also a powerful tool to use to find the hidden problem.


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