I Just Don't Have The Time!

The Importance of Time Management

Time Management impacts your life in a way that can reduce stress, increase more me time and have more time to do things that you love. Now that’s important to me to have the time to do what I love everyday, do you have time to do something you love everyday?

By having a time management system in place can help you accomplish more in a shorter time leaving you with more free time, in turn it lowers stress and helps you focus on the task at hand.

There are Five Main Reasons why time management can assist in your life.

1.Cram Sessioon

This is great for getting things done by allocating a certain, achievable time for you to complete your task. For example if you are doing an online course and you know that this module will take you 1.5 hours to complete.

you know what you have to completeYou also know it will take you 90 minutes to complete itAllocate 105 minutes to do the task, this also allows give you time to slowly get into the module.Turn your phone off and don’t answer your emails or look at your notificationsUse beautiful oils like DoTERRA’s Thinker or even In Tune to help concentrateCrystals Flourite helps with focus

2. Prevent Procastination

When you allow yourself to focus on that short period of time without distractions you can complete the important tasks on time which will give you a feeling of achievement.

3. Speedy Goals

Wouldn’t you agree achieving your goals gives a satisfying feeling. Here I am talking about short term goals mainly, long term goals may take years for you to achieve which is absolutely great but the short term goals should be within a year. When you allocate time to achieve your goals in a realistic time that when you complete it you will feel amazing.

4. Shrink Stress; Enlarged Energy

When you have what you need to do for that day planned out, then your stress of getting those tasks done will be reduced. When stressed is reduced then your energy will increase because stress takes a lot of energy from you to be in that emotion.

5. Bubble Bath

When you have completed your task then you can do what you love to do, remember there is only 24 hours in a day, your whole day whether you like it or not will be filled with other daily activities, so when you get 30 minutes to yourself then that 30 minutes is for you to do something that will recharge your batteries which may include a bubble bath or even a nap.

With time management, it is up to you how you design your day however it has to be in a way that you feel comfortable doing. There will be days where there are unforeseen circumstances that may throw your timings out and that is ok, the great things about tasks that need to be done they will still be there until completed.

Enjoy what you are doing, if there is a task that is demanding of you or quite stressful then give yourself a treat after completing the task.

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