Oops There's That Word - CRAZY

Beginning of the year and a beginning of the decade is high energy, whether it’s good or bad where problems of last year are dribbling through to this year. I feel this energy big time and like you we all have our problems that are stressful, unfortunately for me my stress is at home with my housemate, so my home is no longer my sanctuary. However with life lessons there is something to learn here. My actions are a response from the energy I’m embodying and still being guided by my old self and that’s what happened the other day.

As I was sitting at the end of the bar in a pub, feeling stressed, unable to work and feeling down as there is no instant answer to my problem which is removing my housemate. With all the negativity I have had been dealing with over the past three months leading to a massive blow out where my housemate won’t pay his rent or his fair share of the bills. Sitting at the bar seemed like a good idea, with having every intention to leave after the second drink but then anxiety hit in and I just didn’t want to go home. Didn’t want to go to that place where he is and lock myself in my room, so staying at the bar seemed like a better idea. Not my finest hour and not one of my best choices as one would say I was “Bat Shit Crazy”.

So, what is the definition of “Bat Shit Crazy”? Well if dictionaries have a pictures next to the word than my photo would be there, but it’s also the war against yourself and allowing the negativity to shine through which is only in your control which means that you loose control of yourself. When we loose control of ourselves then we become one emotional and irrational. Now, for someone who is suppose to have everything all together one can easily slip back into old habits because you are who you are and thankfully you can’t delete any part of yourself.

So let me tell you a secret, it’s ok to make a mistake.

What I realised is that crazy and fire are very similar as there are three things that make fire and there is three things that contribute to crazy:

A stressful situation you are dealing with or trying to deal with (heat)

Alcohol or drugs whichever (accelerant/fuel)

Emotion (oxygen)

When you are highly strung out and dealing with a stressful situation then drinking is NOT the answer, trust me. Usually, I’m good like that meaning I know when I’m stressed and don’t usually drink but sometimes old habits do creep back in. There is no one to blame but myself as the choices you make may not always be the right one and that’s ok because you then know for next time what not to do, that’s the thing with life lessons they will repeat until you get it right and handle it with the appropriateness it deserves. Like the Universal Law of Polarity, in order for you to realise what is good you need to know what is bad.

What did I learn from this? Well clearly don’t drink when you’re emotional but also there are rules that need to be adhered to when you are strung out stressed.

Rule #1 Don’t Do Drugs

Taking any form of drugs will change your perception of reality, that’s including drinking where things will be said and if you are like me having a phone is not always a good thing when you are drunk, that’s for sure. Especially the day after when you revisit your phone and message history. Remove from your contacts people you no longer consider as a friend or family as you don’t want to bring up old toxic situations and bring them into the mix.

Rule #2 Lean On Me

Talk to a good friend one who can listen but also give you good advice. Friends are a great free therapy session, ensure they tell you the truth and be willing to hear what they have to say you may not like it because as they say the truth hurts but also you need to hear it. Messages come through when you need them most, so listen to what they say.

Rule #3 Get Out

Remove yourself from the situation, go somewhere where you feel calm and relaxed so that you can unwind. The problem with this is that my stressful situation is at home so I go out to the common to unwind and earth myself and when I feel calm and walk back home my stress level increase. So you need to have a safe place to come back to somewhere where you can just relax and chill.

Rule #4 Remember Who You Are

if you are like me it has taken years for me to change from where I used to be in my life, which was always angry, high tempered, always grabbed the bottle whenever I couldn’t handle something, which was pretty much everyday and hating life. So it took me a while to change however when you are faced with a stressful situation than you may tend to revert back to your old you as it’s more comfortable for you but it won’t necessarily help your situation.

I am seeing a lot of my old qualities making another appearance in my life, but I now recognise them and able to change them once again, however it may take a breaking point in your life to see it.

Rule #5 The Universe Will Guide You

Trust that the universe will guide you in times of need, just look for the signs and exhale that something good will come out of the negative situation. The other night I was watching Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and the mother said “God will give you only what you can handle” I wouldn’t say that I’m a religious person and if you are the same then replace God with Universe and the sentence will still hold true. A person is a lot stronger than what you think, some people out there can get through a tragedy and come out shining.

Rule #6 Eye Of The Tiger

if you can fight for your right then do so, but what I found out is that sometimes you need to step back and allow time and the universe to do their job. Fighting for what you believe is right is great for your self-confidence but sometimes the fight gets too long and too much that sometimes you need to retreat and you need to know when to let it go. That was a lesson I needed to learn, know when enough is enough. My housemate will be leaving in a month which means there is an end to this situation.

Rule #7 It Takes Two To Tango

Think of what is happening to the other person of your actions, in may case we’re both had enough of each other and we’re doing what we can do to remove ourselves from this negative situation. I’m feeling stressed I bet you the other person is also feeling stressed.

Sometimes a situation you may not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel per sae, but there is always an ending to a beginning and as difficult as it may seem, hold in there. Remember we are all human and we will make mistakes in our lives whether they’re big or small, what we need to do is learn from them so we don’t make the same ones again. If you are like me you may be a slow learner and need to make the same mistake a few times before you learn.

When we are faced with a stressful situation we then need to do a negative energy cleanse, whether it’s your surrounding or personally for you.

There are five rituals that you can do:

Salt - place salt in a ceramic/glass bowl and place it under your bed, somewhere in the home, or under your desk at work. Change the salt once a week depending on how negative your area is and throw it out in the bin, not an indoor bin remember we want to remove the negative.

Sage or smudging - Sage is a great cleansing herb and when you burn it and the smoke is thriving then walk around the room or use it around you for your aura. Now the negativity needs to go somewhere so open a window so it can leave and allow the fresh clean air to replace the energy.

Meditation - prepare yourself for the day with a beautiful meditation of a golden or white light as a shield around you.

Have a cleansing pouch with you - inside this pouch have essential oils that will help lift your mood, crystals like amethyst or black tourmaline (tourmaline helps deflect negative energy), you may also want to get a Feng shui brass bells. The brass bells act like the singing bowls where the sound helps change the vibration.

Having water next to you when you sleep. Grab a glass/ceramic bowl and place water next to it all those tiny bubbles are negative energy so ensure that you throw the water in the drain and not to drink or give it to a living thing as negative energy will then move onto them.

We all go through stressful situations and it's a good thing because you learn from this and then you can further help people in similar situation. So recognise when you are upset and deal with it differently than what you would have done in the past.


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