Overcoming Stress

Stress is a physical, mental or emotional factor that causes bodily and mental tension. In other words, stress affects an individual differently, there is nothing out there that specifically causes stress in a human. It is how a person perceives a situation as stressful and when you look at it, stress usually follows fear of not knowing the outcome or even not being in control of the outcome.

Therefore with stress we need to be able to see the situation differently and take a moment to assess it, we have a habit of reacting to a situation and usually results in saying something without thinking which then leads to not being able to retract those words.

Another way people display stress is through being overly dramatic. Drama is defined as a stressful circumstances, patterns or relationships that seem to be out of your control.

Drama is a way for someone to act out to get what they are missing in their lives for example needing attention which may have been something that person lacked somewhere in their lives.

Gossip-drama is a great way to deflect your own issues and focus upon someone elses.

Excuse-drama where there is always some dramatic excuse why this person was running late or wasn’t able to complete a project.

These are only a few examples of different dramas presented in peoples lives. This is also what sells on TV, I’m not going to lie to you I do love watching The Real Housewives and there is always an issue that these women are gossiping/being dramatic over. However, it is entertaining to some and this is what sells. Our lives is not a TV show so don’t make it one.

Trauma and illness can lead to stress which is also out of your control. The stress related to a trauma and illness may not necessarily affect you but it may also affect the people around you and when unaddressed it may lead to other mental health issues such as depression.


This is what is more common with people who’s careers are in hight stress and exhausting jobs such as nursing, police. When you are exhausted then your body needs to find energy somewhere to get the body moving, when I was nursing and was on night shift starting at 2100 all the way through to 0730 maybe later depending if we had a medical crash where we needed to attend to. I had Burn-out and it got to the point where I was highly stressed, gaining weight and depressed. It got to the point where on the day of my shift I ended up getting an illness such as diarrhoea, headaches and sore throats, the moment I rang in sick I instantly felt better.

The physicality of stress

When the body is stressed the levels of adrenaline within our bodies will increase so does the cortisol we need these hormones for us to fight or flight. When our bodies have fled or fought through whatever we needed it for the body then needs to return back to homeostasis (balance). Which means that the adrenaline and cortisol need to reduce back to normal levels.

When our bodies don’t balance out, then our bodies are overproducing adrenaline and cortisol which then makes it difficult to sleep, may see hair loss, weight gain - as we need more energy to fuel the adrenaline, weight loss - as we find energy else where and we may loose our appetite.

So how do we overcome all this??

We need to R.E.A.D the situation


We tend to put hour heads down and get our job done and we don’t really see what’s going on until it’s too late. We need to recognise when we are in a stressful situation, you can feel it in your body and you can pick up the vibe of that situation.


Take a step back and see what this circumstance that you are in and what is the best way to diffuse the situation, so it’s not so tense and that you are able to think with a level head. Also this is the time for you to figure out what the underlying problem is. When we are in a stressful situation there are times when the situation is a result of a problem that wasn’t previously addressed.

At work you may need to prioritise the important stuff and attend to that first, or you may need to sit down and make a plan of how to handle your work load and if you are in the position may be able to delegate some of the work.


What we don’t want to do is React to a situation, by taking the time to evaluate the situation then you can react appropriately. When we act we have read the situation for what it actually is therefore we are able to address the problem and address it in a calmer manner then jumping into the fighting cage.


This is the time for you to either figure out the result but also time for you to relax and take that time to destress and get your body back to balance.

How to Destress Your Life?

Begin with meditation, I can’t tell you how much this had helped me through my spiritual and personal development. In the beginning it was hard but be persistent because the results are amazing.

Minimise seeing the people who are giving you the stress and are negative. Bring in happy and positive people in your life, not only will it make your life a little easier but it will also help you raise your vibrations, so that you continually attract happy, positive people.

Loose the control

Being in control of everything comes off as being a micro-manager, letting the control go and delegating your work to your family or staff then do so. Children can help around the house and your staff can be given a little more responsibility slowly so that they are able to do the job to the degree that you approve of.

Shop online

I notice this with my Mum clients the stress of going to the shops with their children can be a nightmare, grabbing items that you don’t need, or they’re hungry, or they need to go to the toilet, or break something. Grocery shopping can be a nightmare for some, so I suggest shopping online, this way you can shop and organise the delivery convenient to you, it may even save you a couple of pennies.

Look at your diet

What are you eating? Are you eating foods that will nourish you or are you eating foods that are convenient because your day is too busy for anything else?

The processed foods that we ingest is not good for our bodies and lacks the nutrients we need. Recently, I’ve started to do Meal Preparation so that I cook my meals for the week on one day and have convenient but yet nutritious food in my freezer.

Go out

Go out and have fun let your hair down and have a laugh with your mates and dance your stress away.

Do something that you enjoy

What makes you relaxed? What makes you smile? Then do it, even if it’s that book you’ve been wanting to read or even watch a movie you’ve been wanting to watch.


Prepare for your week, in a way it’s planning but as the saying goes “preparation prevents piss poor performance” so if you know that you have a busy week ahead then prepare for that week, like pick the clothes you want to wear.


Go for a walk and literally smell the flowers.

Do Yoga

Go to the gym

Essential oils

Use these beautiful oils that mother earth has produced to help reduce the stress. There is a remedy called bach flower remedy that helps reduce stress and you can carry it in your bag.


Again another gift from mother nature. These give off the most wonderful energy to help you get through your day.


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