The Law of Divine Oneness

We Are All Connected

What does the Law of Oneness actually mean, it means that we are connected to everything including people, animals and nature. This goes beyond taking a walk in nature and “being one with nature” meaning that you are consciously connecting yourself to nature and only nature.

Oneness is about what we think, say, do and believe which will have a corresponding effect on others, this is why it’s important to be consciously aware of what you are thinking, believing and feeling because you will attract just that, you “reap what you sow”.

We are always connected whether you believe in Source/Universe/God (whichever you believe I will be using Source during this blog), meaning that the energy is everywhere at one time and flows through everything in the universe including us.

This Law is important because when we increase our awareness of ourselves and being connected to everything then we begin to realise what we think of each other and begin to see the good in others.

Your Words, Feeling, Thoughts And Actions Affect Others

As mentioned above our thoughts and feelings and words and actions all have affect on others. Let me explain it further as this is really important in your lives. Every thought, feeling, action and words that are said about a person can be positive or negative or passive-aggressive. Either way what comes out will come back to you in one way or another.

Let’s say you’re speaking badly about a colleague not only can that person pick up on that energy but there is a possibility they may actually hear it, how would that person feel? Not good! Even though it’s your personal opinion of that person, if it’s said badly then it will reflect on you, it’s a little bit like a vicious cycle.

So be aware of what you are thinking, doing and believing as it has a “ripple effect”. The ripple effect being that you toss a stone into a pond and immediately you get ripples which can change the surrounding environment. When you are connected to infinite intelligence than you will realise that anything is possible.

We are not simply observers in this universe we are a part of it and when we recognise that we are One you can see how your actions impact others. Being consciously aware of how we treat others is a start however with Oneness you will notice larger things in your life that petty stuff will not upset you.

Divine Oneness

People search for good feelings whether they find it in others, relationships or doing something that will give them that happy moment. However this is short-lived and you begin searching and continuing this process so that you can have a positive feeling.

Lesson 1

When you visit a place of Oneness you won’t be chasing that feeling because a place of feeling just IS. When you focus on being one and have emotions and feelings attached to it you are not practicing Oneness.

Lesson 2

Now each person’s journey to Oneness will be different because we have past life experiences, experiences in this life time and different belief systems that has guided to who we are today. When you meditate or ask your Higher Self for guidance you are asking yourself for the guidance. Hence the saying “Your teacher is within”.

Lesson 3

If you are faced with a negative situation or person, people tend to tell you to disconnect yourself from them or separate yourself from them. When practicing Oneness and being connected to all, then how can you disconnect yourself from this situation? The best practice would be practicing the Law of Transmutation of Energy.

It’s impossible to detach from the state of Oneness, you may not be able to realise this yet as other places in your journey may be stronger than this. By opening up to Oneness then it becomes apart of your life and you will realise that you can’t detach from your Oneness as it’s all parts of you.

This is now beginning to interconnect with other Laws and explained in my previous blog a quick definition of the universal laws that all laws work with each other and here is an example.

Lesson 4

Society deems how we live like the term ‘Keeping up with the Jones’s”. It’s a bit like fashion, what ever is on the runway, it will soon be in all the magazines and how to reproduce the look. Then the critics have a look at who wore it better. The same is with energy and the beliefs that we are brought up with. Energy just IS, energy is nothing until you put a label on it and if it doesn’t fit into our beliefs then we discard it. What if you think of life as lessons for you to grow?

Have you noticed that you keep experiencing the same situation over and over, that is a life lesson and until you get it right to the level of what you believe is correct than that lesson will return. However if you see the situation as a way for you to reframe you mind you will be able to create the space where you can be connected with everything and everyone around you. You may see the lesson in a different light which will give you another way of approaching the situation.


There will be a meditation that I like to use for people to connect with themselves on my website.

For your own meditation practice visualise yourself to meet you higher self and sit with them for a while and see if they say anything to you. Notice the feeling you get when you’re next to them and what the aura is in your safe place.

Essential Oils

When you are meditating the best oil for this is Melissa and Arborvitae.


Kyanite - helps with self-examination and intuitive guidance

Amethysts - it is a pathway between yourself and divine energy

You are here and do not exist in isolation, you are connected with everything and everyone in this universe. That energy runs through you be aware of how you act, talk, think and feel so that the impact on those will be influential. Practice this everyday, enjoy your journey.


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