The Universal Law #8 Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

Energy Moves Into Physical Form

As we know, everything is energy what this law reminds us of is that energy will eventually move into a physical form. The more thought and effort you put into manifesting something eventually we will get what we ask for, now it may not be exactly what is that you want but that comes down on being clear and concise with what you ask for.

This will always work with the negative thoughts so if you have fear and worry then you will attract fear and worry into the physical form, that is why it is important for you have constant positive thoughts. Yes we will always have negative thoughts but the sooner we recognise them and turn them around to positive the more chance of us getting what is that we ask for.

Where Do You Need To Be?

Your vibration needs to be in the positive which means that you need to be at a higher frequency more so than the lower frequency where majority of people are happy to stay in. Begin aligning yourself with the positive and the good, then it will reduce the negativity.

When you begin to notice what is negative in your life you can then determine whether or not to keep it around you. Remove the clutter in your house as that hold energy and most of the time the negative kind, always bring love to everything you do and have for example in Feng Shui is about allowing the chi to flow, when chi can’t flow then you energy become stagnant, so it’s important to remove the stuff that prevents chi to flow. Keep only the things you love in your house and in life.

Successful Person

Look at a successful person whether it’s someone close to you or an icon like Richard Branson where they worked hard on their dream to be successful and they never let anything get in their way. You too can do this, Richard Branson went bankrupt but instead of dwelling in the energy of the failure of that, he made it a lesson learnt and rebuilt his empire. When you realise that you can change the energy in your life, you will be amazed how your life can turn around.

You are constantly working with energy, you need to know how to use it for you. When energy flows you too are flowing when it changes you too are changing so when you are in the flow of it ensure that it’s going in the direction that you want it and if it doesn’t then change it.

If it is going the wrong way for you then look at your thoughts; what are you worrying about; what are your fears. These are all negative energy and can take a lot of you time and energy to worry about something that hasn’t happened yet. You are expecting the worse when you haven’t reached that part of the process, when you lay down a path to reach your goal, don’t worry about the ending worry on that first part of the path and get that right, focus and put your energy and attention towards that first step.


Write down everyday what you are grateful for, reflect on your day and see the positive in the day even if you had a bad day.

Meditate and focus on your dream.

Use essential oils to help you focus on what you are doing. I love using passion and the focus blend from DoTerra so when I’m working, I love putting these oils on and have beautiful smell in my house.

When you know how to change the energy for your benefit you will reap the rewards. The more positive energy you bring into your life and when you know how to change negative to positive you will see so many new opportunities in your life.


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