The Universal Law #9 The Law of Relativity

Are You Ready To Be Challenged?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to handle stressful situations whilst everyone else seem to crumble?

Welcome to the Universal Law of Relativity, this law is about being challenged in life. When we have a bad experience we tend to dwell on the negativity. It’s a bit like having a work meeting where you are being told that you are shit. How does something like that change your mood and attitude towards your colleagues and especially management.

Don’t play the victim! Learn from this experience and move on. Believe it or not when a bad experience is presented in your life, it is a life lesson which is to enhance personal growth and to strengthen our character or light within.

See it as a lesson or an assignment in your life where you are to achieve that outcome yes, you may have been dealt a bad hand but it is your choice how you would like to do with it. Look at some of the people who have done amazing things when being dealt a bad hand. Nicholas James Vuicic was born with no arms or legs related to a rare disorder, has it stopped him living a normal life… NO. He uses his gifts/blessings and became a motivational speaker.


How we interpret a situation is from what we have experienced in our past but also learned behaviour. However, when we haven’t nurtured our past experiences properly then we will face a situation with the same attitude and energy and we will receive the same outcome.

What if, we were to take step back and see the situation in a different light; see it from a different point of view. Wouldn’t you agree if we’re to handle a situation with a different way then your outcome will be different?

Our natural reaction is usually what we have either learned from past experiences or what we are trained for.

Ask yourself the right questions -

What am I to learn from this?

How can I grow from this experience?


Our perception on things can also influence how we handle life lessons. If we were to burn dinner and become overly upset by it, think about a child who has no food. Meaning be grateful for what you have in your life and learn from your lesson of burning that food what can you do to the recipe next time to prevent that.

Everything in our lives our lessons and when we realise that our individual lessons our designed for us then we can see it for what it is. If we begin to take on the victim role and believe that this against us then we will struggle to learn from it.

Life lesson are designed for us so that we can grow and strengthen, we have many lessons in our lives whether they are small or big, it is our choice how we interpret them and perceive them. Go with the flow of them and be positive about how you handle these lessons.


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