The Universal Law Of Action

Planting The Seed

With action it supports the very thoughts, dreams, emotions and words. Without it how can you manifest what you want? Without doing the action of your thoughts how would you achieve what it is that you want? Let’s say that you want a new job and you practice thinking that you already have the new job, you know exactly what kind of job you want and you have removed all the negative chatter preventing you to get that job. But, you haven’t done the physical work to get that job, like searching for that job, applying for that job or even revising your CV so that you are able to get that job you want.

The action is anything that helps you on your path to achieve what it is that you want in your life. Also, you know that you are on the right path when you gut feeling gives you a little anxiety or a little upset and believe it or not that is a good sign that you are doing the right thing, it is what makes you human.

Think of a farmer in order for their crop to grow they will need to plant the seed so that they can actually reap the benefits, if they just thought about it, then it becomes a dream. A dream can come alive when you action it and yes there may be times where you action a dream and it doesn’t turn out the way you want and that’s ok because that the universes way of telling you that you have strayed from your path and there is a better option for you.

Trust and love that all plans may not go to plan. When I was in the Army I wanted to transfer over to a Nursing Officer and began the process of it, I had meditated on it, I had questions and answers that I believe that they would ask me on the back of my toilet door so I could revise it. I raised my fitness and did all the paperwork and everything else needed to achieve my goal. However, when I was rejected, I couldn’t believe why when I put the hard work in and thought of my end goal being that nursing officer.

Later in life I realised that they universe was telling me that this is not the job for you which then lead me on another path of moving to England and beginning my career as a coach, which I believe is a better choice. Trust and love that things will eventually work out

Live Life As You Preach It

When you begin any journey in your life and you are willing to make the chose to change, then you need to begin living the life as you are changing. This is a form of action, if you choose to live life as a clean living then remove all products from you home that is toxic.

When I was as at the DoTERRA European Convention a presenter commented on something similar to this. As Wellness Advocates of DoTERRA then our household should represent that by having the products in our home, so that when someone comes over you are actually trusting the product in which you are promoting.

Action is practiced 24/7 in order for you to achieve what is that you want, which means that you need to be consciously aware of what you are portraying to the world. Granted we are humans and we tend to make unconscious decisions that may in turn effect how people perceive us, but that’s ok because they are lessons for us to learn and grow.

Let’s Learn

Action also requires us to teach others, when we have experienced or have gone through some troubling times then we have experienced something someone else may need to know. Our past experiences help mould our future but also help others. Give back to the world from what you have learnt puts you in a better cosmic status and raises our frequency.

Let’s say you are deciding to become vegan. When changing diets wouldn’t you agree that having guidance of someone who has been there and done that, can be beneficial for you because you then can avoid the massive mistakes?

When you teach people the knowledge that you have, this is also can be cathartic for you as you can see changes in people. This is how I see my Coaching Business and seeing how people make positive changes in their lives and being able to get through everyday life challenges with ease, is a bit like receiving an award.

Have A Bigger Outlook

Choose to look at the bigger picture, as the small issues are just fluff. When you understand the bigger picture the fluff becomes non-important and you will be addressing the overall problem in one go.

As with thoughts you need to be simple, clear and flexible so that your actions are effective. Stay positive and keep your mind open as this will help your actions become easy and simple. When we become negative, this will cause the whole process to slow down because we are now working at a lower frequency, remember this is your life and you choose at which level of frequency that you want to be at and when you have the law of action and living what you are preaching you can see certain shifts in your life.


How to bring in the Law of Action into your life?

Remove anything that does not serve your life now, do a massive house cleanse and ensure what you have in your house reflects who you are now.

Surround yourself with people of like.

When you invite action in your life and begin living your life as you speak it, then you become more genuine with who you are. People will begin to trust you because you true colours will come through which will prepare you for when you begin to teach others of your amazing knowledge.


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