The Universal Law of Cause And Effect

You Reap What You Have Sown

This law is about what energy you put out to the world you will receive it back. If you have a field and only plant thorny poisonous plants then you will receive thorny poisonous plants, same with people if you are horrible to a person than a person will be horrible to you.

This may also be connected to Karma, what goes around comes around. Every thought, words and action has an outcome now if we think negative then we will receive negative. When we think loving then we will receive loving. We are always acting upon our thoughts whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

Nothing Happens By Chance

This is a great law because we can take control of our lives, if you want people to be nice to you then you need to be nice to them. It seems simple, right? It’s not as easy as it seems because we need to be aware of our every thought, words and actions.

When our thoughts are tainted by negative past experiences it can actually change our circumstances of what we want to receive. It’s these experiences that we need to heal from especially if we want to live a more positive life. The great thing about the universe is that if we haven’t learnt from a past experience, the same experience will return so that we can learn from it.

When we let go of the pain of the negative past experience then our thoughts can become positive and we can then bring in positivity into our lives.


So what happens when our day is out of alignment?

1. Stop what you are doing and breathe, remove yourself from the situation. If you are at work go to the toilet and take a short break.

2. Look at the situation and assess it.

3. Look within what thought did you have that may have caused this

4. Look at this situation as a lesson for you to learn

5. Find a way for you to flip it around.

6. Change your feeling, breathe and remember a time in your life where you were happy that should help lift your energy.

This law is about learning about yourself but also a great way for you to practice this law and see how it can change your life.