The Universal Law of Compensation

Rewards, Gifts, Friendships and Blessings

This Universal Law is about receiving the rewards from the universe, the results from your manifestations. This is why it’s important to be specific in asking what it is that you want. If you want more money and ask for more money then you will see or find £10 in your coat pocket, but in actual fact you need £1000, so when asking you need to be clear and concise.

Balance In Nature And In Life

This law is about balance with out loss there will be no gain and without gain there will be no loss. In order for you to gain something you must loose something however it is not necessary a negative loss. For example, if you wish to have a new relationship to enter your life then you must clear space for them to move in per sae. In Feng Shui to bring in a new relationship they require you to keep a draw empty so when that special someone comes they have space within your life.

Nature is another perfect example, we need insects to eat the algae and other things in order for trees to grow and so on. When a tree get’s hit by lightening and dies (the loss) it then returns back to mother nature to become nutritious compost to allow new plants to grow (the gain).

This also happens within our lives all the time, when you take time to reflect on it what have you lost in order for you to gain? When you look at Facebook and realised you haven’t heard from a friend for a long time do you begin to wonder why? That’s because people come in out of our lives for a reason.

These people that come into you life is for you to learn something from them so when they have taught what is needed they tend to leave and the parting is amicable. The same is with relationships, the loss of a relationship can be very depressing but without that loss and lesson to be learnt you won’t be able to move on to the next relationship.


Overcompensation according to Brian Tracy is for those who work hard and the harder you work the bigger the rewards. Successful people are not the ones who sit on the couch and dream about their success, they are hard working people who put in hundreds of hours trying to get their business up and running or keep it running. These people will reap rewards that will match their hard work. It’s a bit like Richard Branson he has been working hard all his life to be the most successful entrepreneur, but he had his failures and without these failures he wouldn’t have learnt important lessons for him to reconstruct his business and become one of the richest men in the world. The gain in this is the fact he owns and Island. You put the hard work in and you will wreathe rewards.

This law is the best because you now get to see your gifts physically all the work you have put in to manifesting will now appear to you. Have fun reflecting and seeing all the rewards you have been given throughout your life that you never even knew you actually manifested it.


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