Universal Law #7 Law of Attraction

This is the most popular law therefore I won't dive too deep into information as there are tonnes of information on this. However, I would love to address the issues some of my clients have regarding this Law.

It’s Not A Secret

This law is one of the most famous laws that’s because the manifestation rewards are pretty much always going to come when used properly. However, with some people they haven’t seen the rewards that’s because of their negativity that’s hidden behind their visualisations. Also, they haven’t incorporated other laws, let’s face facts this law won’t work without the Law of Action, Law of Cause and Effect and other laws.

Visualise, Believe and Act

With Law of Attraction you need to visualise what it is that you want to achieve in your life whether it’s successful or attracting someone new into your life. You need to be clear and concise with what you ask for in the universe. Use visualise techniques to get that view of you having what it is that you asked for.

Believe that you can achieve it, when you have that sneaky negative talk come through acknowledge it and move it on immediately because any negativity will change your manifestation status from receiving to pushing-away.

Act as if you already have it, now saying that if you want more money in your life, don’t be spending money as if you already have it because that’s going to put you in a world of hurt. Basically begin living the life if you already have the money but without it if that makes sense. It’s like if you had the money what would be different to your routine that you would be able to get/make that money? What mantras would you be saying?

Visualisations are the main process for this law you need to visualise all the time. This is where I get my clients to make a list, vision boards or anything that will help them visualise what it is that they want. If you want to be successful in your life then put up successful pictures around your room especially in your Career space in the Feng Shui Bagua which is located bottom centre of the nine grid Bagua.

Meditate and use visualisation meditation to help you see what it is that you want to achieve.

Use appropriate crystals that help you with change in energy and frequency so that you are on the same level so that you can receive what it is that you are manifesting.

Have fun with this Law

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