Universal Law Number 10 The Law of Polarity

Opposite Reaction

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to attract opportunities whilst everyone else seem to be stuck?

The Law of Polarity also known as the Law of Mental Vibration is about everything having an opposite where everything in life has a solution. As the saying goes “if you fail try and try again” because with failure will be success you just need to find out how to get that success and we do that by learning from our experiences in life.

No matter where we are in our lives whether it be good or bad there will be a change, the people in the good will in turn have something bad to learn from those who are in the bad will in turn have something good turn out for them. We need to have the bad to understand what the good is in our lives.

What Are You Thinking?

Every positive thought there is negative thought, every negative word there is a positive word. When we want our lives to move from where it is at the moment then we need to remove the negative thoughts that are holding us down by recognising them and understand where they are coming from.

If we did not know death, we wouldn’t appreciate life. When clients come in and see me majority of them come in to tell me how bad they’re day/week/month has gone. My answer is what have you learnt from it?

The most common phrase I hear is “why do bad things always happen to me?” Well that is so you are able to recognise the good and move on.


Accept what you are experiencing meaning accept that you are having this experience for a reason it doesn’t mean you need to stay in that moment, it does mean that you can change it by changing your choices.

Each part of your life is a new chapter in you life book, you are the only one that can change it and you can do this anytime you believe it needs to be changed, the only things that are holding you back are negativity and fear.

The more you resist something the more it will persist. Meaning that an experience has come to you and the more you ignore it the more intense the experience may feel. Learn to accept and celebrate the past experiences and the ones you are having now no matter how they appear. Embrace life.

Right Or Wrong?

Where did right or wrong or good and bad come from? It comes down to the experiences in life and learned behaviour. When you choose to do something that matches your vibrational energy then everything will feel good and right, therefore you will then attract good and right in your life.

When we label our experiences as being good or bad then we are chasing the frequencies from which them came.

It’s a bit like you wanting to attract love and abundance into your life but if you define as lack of money or lack of love then instantly you’ve changed your energy from high to low. When we remove the label of it and just accept it as an experience then the vibration stays true to itself.

When we learn to accept all experiences in our lives we will have the ability to see it for what it is and if we don’t like it then we are able to change it, because this is your life. Always think positively and speak positively and learn.

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