Universal Law Number 11 The Law of Rhythm

Rhythm Is A Dancer

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to flow in life as nothing bothers them whilst everyone else seems at a stand still in their lives?

Rhythm in nature is about the ocean when tide goes in and out or when the sun rises and sets. The change in seasons is also about the rhythm that matches the moon cycles.

Be conscious of your flow meaning that when the universe is moving you towards something be aware of it and accept it, but when you swing from one extreme to another then this law has you. Visualise yourself in a canoe sailing down the river accepting what is coming your way and enjoying the ride compare it to you trying to paddle upstream.

Energy, Vibration and Rhythm

As we now know that everything in this universe is made up of energy, in order for energy to move it needs to vibrate with vibration there are different levels we call frequencies. Low frequencies are negative and higher frequencies are the positive. From there there needs to be flow in life called rhythm. If we were to live our life bouncing from one extreme to another like a pendulum then there is no constant.

Life is not meant to be flat if it were flat we would feel nothing and basically just barely living so there needs to be movement with our frequencies but it also needs to flow. Going from one extreme to another is not flow.

As the say don’t sweat the small stuff! It’s a bit like a bad day, a bad day only began from something small that you have made it grown and yes it is you because you are the only one living your life. So let’s say it began as running late for work, for a lot of people that has literally blown their whole shift out because of the stress and anxiety they have allowed themselves to feel because of them running late. Something small as running late has ruined their day so it seems, then they have a bad meeting and then they may spill the coffee on their white shirt and it continues to roll.

What if, you ran late and you -

Own up for you mistake

Change the perception - take timeout and collect yourself and put yourself in a positive mindset, the fact you ran late is now in the past.

See the positive, yes you ran late and you may have missed a boring meeting isn’t that a positive?

Learn from the lesson so that it doesn’t happen again.

A bad day can only last for 24 hours as there are on 24 hours in a day, it is your choice how you choose to feel and live the next day. What has happened is already in the past there is no point living in the past as it will do you no good. You need to go with flow of nature and keep going the more you pull back to the past then you won’t live your life.

Where Are You Now?

Have a look at your life right now are you swimming with the flow of life or do you feel as though you are sinking?

By being conscious with your thoughts you can then put in perspective of how you want your life to go, focus on the good because we know from the previous law the law of polarity when there is a bad the good will follow.

Everything in life is balance and the law is great example of that as life is about balance, when we are out of balance then we are not living within the laws.

If you feel hardship or stuck in life don’t fight it, there is always the good to look forward to and allows the lesson from the universe take the time needed for you to learn.


If you have the opportunity to go the beach take the time to sit and listen to the waves and allow the feelings to flow in what does the sound bring up for you?

This law is about balance in life and flow, accept all that comes to you and ask the universe what is the lesson I need to learn and allow me to flow through it.


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