Universal Law Number 12 The Law of Gender

Gestation Period

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be living their dreams whilst everyone else seem just to be living?

The Law of Gender is about how everything is made up of male and female components all things have a gestation period. Have you noticed that when you push for something to happen it usually ends up being a bad experience however when you let things happen naturally in the right timing they usually end up being an amazing experience?

When we have a thought it needs time to develop and become allow it to take however long it needs because whilst that is growing you still need to learn things to help it grow. It’s a bit like a business you have a thought of how you want it to be and a business does not grow overnight but along the way you will have experiences that will help you learn more about it so that you can eventually manifest that business idea you began with.

Male and Female

There is always a need for both components in life in the universe the Male plants the seed as the Female fertilise and nurture the seed for it grow. So the masculine side of things is the heavy manual stuff as the female is about love and nurture.

However you can’t do one without the other lets say you fertilise and nurture really well, but if the seed isn’t planted then there is nothing to grow. Yin and Yang of life, the right side of the body is masculine as the left side of the body is known for it to be female.

Seed Your Dreams

Once you have a dream or an idea then the seed is planted, then your feminine side comes to play where you need to grow that idea so that it can become reality. Every thoughts are spiritual seeds.

This is a short one as once you have grasped the balance of the masculine and feminine energy then your dreams and thoughts will become.


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