Universal Law of Vibration/Energy

Everything Is Energy

Law of Vibration or Energy, everything is energy. We are energy and Dr Joe Dispenza writes about how energy becomes matter in his book Becoming Supernatural which I definitely resonate with related to my Nursing background.

Energy comes from the tiniest cell to become an atom; to become a molecule and so on to become a human being. Have you ever gotten an electric shock from a shopping trolley? That is energy resonating within us.

So like with everything in life we need to move and energy moves through vibration that we can see and feel. Together vibration become thoughts then those thoughts become reality.

Have Clear and Concise Thoughts

The importance to have clear and uncluttered thoughts is so that you receive exactly what you ask for, when you are general and non-specific then you will receive general and non-specific which can lead you to frustration.

My clients ask me what it takes to be clear with their thoughts and my reply is to make a plan and ask yourself questions like:

What is it that you want?

Break it down so that you know exactly what you want.

For example if you are looking for a house and you ask the universe for a house then you may receive a rundown house. So if you want a house great now break it down; how many rooms do you want it to have; location of the house; backyard and many other things that you want you need to visualise it. This is why I suggest a vision board of what people want in life, so that you can see what you want daily and the beauty of vision boards is that it’s not set in stone so you can always revise it.

Turn Up The Radio

Change your frequency, when you are low and feeling down what is it that you attract? You attract like however if you are able to change your feeling then you can attract like on a different level. The best thing about feeling low is there is always an up and it can be achieved by changing your attitude.

Find that happy place by revisiting the time you were joyful, like the time you were playing with a pet as a child.

Turn on the music, love this, find the best music that cheers you up. My favourite is dance/dubset always gets me in a better mood.

Put on your favourite dress do anything that will cheer you up so that you feel higher than which will change your frequency.

It is your choice whether you like to change your frequency, no one else can change the way you feel. Energy can also be excepted into you life that you choose to let in, if there is negative energy in the room and you choose to react to that energy that’s your choice, however if you choose to act towards the energy then you will be able to move freely within the room and not getting involved with the drama already established.

What are we sending out to other people?

When we meditate or do yoga you may have heard the phrase send love to the person you believe needs it, but what if that person is on a different frequency and not willing to receive the love?

When you think to send love you need to feel it as well because it comes down to the Law of Divine Oneness to be fully connected, you need all emotions to send love. However be warned if that person is not willing to receive it then they may feel it as a negative energy even though it is in good intention.

Your energy and frequency can be only controlled by you and no one else if you have high energy and you want your friends to match your energy it won’t happen as each person is different and their levels of frequency will be different to yours.


Meditation where you can change your frequency is great, there will be a meditation on my website www.togetherwelljourney.com where you can raise your vibration.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils can help you change your vibrations however everyone is different, so find an oil that you love and makes you feel good and happy. To perk myself up I like using citrus based oils such as red mandarin, kumquat or my favourite is a the women’s blend from DoTERRA called Whisper.

Each day is different on how I feel and what oils I want to use. At the end of the day I like to lower my frequency so that I can sleep.


Clear Quartz - is my go to for raising vibration

I love to pool my crystals in one place and see which stone I will use for the day or night, this way my energy is then connecting to the crystal that will guide me through the day.

This is a great universal law as you can play with it a little and have some fun. You will find what helps you change your mood and raise your vibrations. Energy is all around us and the power of thought is amazing when used correctly. Have fun with this law and see the differences you can encounter within your day.


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