Why I Returned Home…To Australia

Let me take you back before this huge pandemic that we are living through today. Just moved from Wimbledon to Forest Hill in South East London and sitting in a quaint historical pub The Blythe Hill pub and the Coronavirus is beginning to grow and slowly each county begins to lockdown and then eventually UK decides to do the same thing.

When you are renting a room in a house and even though a housemate went back to her family and another housemate was still working there really wasn’t much for me to do or to talk too. In the beginning it was good to relax and catch up on all the TV shows and movies that you wanted to watch, but now that is all completed and who knows when they will begin re-filming the next season.

During this time there has been a lot of time to think and it was a great time to reach out to your friends. Maybe having time to think may not have been a positive thing or was it? With working a lot on my spirituality and meditating a strong feeling surpassed me a feeling of unsettledness, not feeling grounded and homesickness, which is something I haven’t felt for a long time. In fact, I was feeling lonely but it was a different kind of feeling, I have been single most of my life and I have never felt this lonely.

Could it be, that I miss home because it was more difficult to visit my friends and family or was it time for me to move back. Mind you during this time there was new moon in my 4th house which is about family so this time I was very emotional, so I needed to make a decision when I wasn’t so emotional. So that I am certain that I am to make the right decision and that is to either move back to Australia temporarily until the coronavirus is over or somewhat permanently. What I learnt from this pandemic is not to use words such as permanently and never.

As I was watching another TV series there was a quote that resonated with me and that was “home is not a where; it’s a who” I thought that is so true. With my meditation, I would say “my heart knows where my home is” and for this whole month it has guided me back to Australia.

Sometimes family may not be blood relatives but the people who are closer to you and in my case they are my friends. So I made the decision to move back to Perth because if God forbid this happens again I would rather be around my friends and parents.

Then the universe also plays its part.

I was looking for storage facilities that I could keep my stuff just in case I do want to return back to the UK but the cheapest was £400 for the year, it was actually cheaper to ship my stuff back to Australia costing me only £198 (which was cheaper than what I was quoted) and sold all my other stuff, selling my stuff quickly was really easy. I then booked a flight with Qantas and the earliest flight I could get back to Perth was 2 August and not long after booking my flight, Qantas announced that they have laid off over 6000 staff and then I checked my flight and realised it was cancelled.

So I had to look for other flights and realised that I could actually get back earlier than August so I was waiting and checking flights to see if they were actually flying or was there a possibility it would be cancelled. Then my friends and family would send me news articles of Ted McGowan bringing in restrictions of travellers to WA and the threat of having to pay for quarantine. So my parents and friends demanded that I get back sooner than later, so I booked the next flight out of UK with Qatar airlines and arrived back into Perth just before they enforced the restrictions and quarantine costs.

So have I made the right decision?

As I’m writing this in quarantine it’s still early days but I believe that I have made the right decision for me at this time of my life. As life is energy there is always movement so who knows what will happen in the future.

If you are having troubles with loneliness during this hard time then email me and book an a session, all my mentoring sessions are online mainly with Zoom or Skype.

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