The Next Reignite Your Light Workshop Is

18 -19 January


Seats are limited as the workshop is designed to be small but intimate, this way people get the most out of the two days.

  • Do you believe that life is for living?

  • And, do you believe that life should be lived to the fullest?

Great, you are in the right place

Maybe you are here right now, in a career that isn't giving you satisfaction in fact you are there because you have a mortgage and bills to pay.  Potentially, you are living someone else's life to maintain a life everyone else expects you to live.  Perhaps, you or someone you know are feeling like there is no point in living.

Imagine yourself living the life you love.  Visualise yourself living the life that you choose to live and how you want to live it.

There are four areas that I have discovered that need to be addressed in order for you to be able to connect mind, body and spirit so that you become whole.  What I come to realise is that when the mind, body and spirit is not connected then you as a person will not be whole therefore a person is more susceptible to stress, depression, anxiety and many more issues.

In the workshop the four areas that will be discussed is Alignment, Awakening, Authenticity and Activate.  These four areas are important for you to understand in order for you to be able to move along in your journey on this earth.  

This workshop is not for everyone and there is an application process for you to go through.  Wouldn't you agree that for a person who wants to make the change in their life they need to make the time and effort?


Therefore the application process begins with a free call from my team.

Price of Workshop is £3497 + vat