How Everyone Can Benefit From Essential Oils

Did you know that essential oils have been around before man could write, our ancestors used herbs to heal before modern medicine was introduced.  When big medical companies ruled the medical industry, they gave herbs a bad reputation where anyone using herbs to heal would be hung....witchcraft.


Good news after many decades essential oils are making a massive comeback in healing, granted they are still not recognised by the drug associations around the world, but more people are using them in their lives whether they use it for health, cleaning products or just for their beautiful scents.


So why Essential Oils


  • Essential Oils can boost your immune system

  • Essential Oils can make great home cleaning products meaning that you can save money as well as live a cleaner home without the toxins.

  • Essential Oils are great for women who still have their monthly friend or has said goodbye to them as it can calm the hormones.

  • Save money on personal care products by making them yourself.

  • Great to change a persons vibration and energy as well as making your home smell lovely.

  • Add essential oils into your cooking for more of an enhanced flavour


I wanted to live a more cleaner life and remove the toxins in my environment and beginning with that I wanted to stop taking my contraceptive pill but was scared of the pain I will endure every month.  However, I strongly believed that the pill was putting me into early menopause and wanted to stop taking synthetic hormones.  As I came off the pill, I became reliant on the paracetamol and Buscapan which didn’t help much which left me bed ridden for the day.


When my good friend who is a wellness advocate for DoTERRA introduced me to the world of essential oils and my main goal was to use the oils for pms and cramping.  I tried the oils Clary Calm and Whisper for a month leading up to my next period and to my complete amazement my pain and moods settled.  I thought this can not be, so I continued it the next month and the settling moods and minimal cramps continued.


Ever since then I have been a huge essential oil person because it worked on me and my problems and this is what I like to spread to other people in similar situations.  From there I researched and read more books on how to use essential oils and swapped out my Clinique products, which would cost me about £60 per month, to using oils which are toxic free and cheaper and now it only costs me about £5-10 per month on beauty products.  Also, I use them in my cooking, love making a cacao drink at night with a couple of drops of wild orange, so yummy.


I mean don’t just take my word for it, Hugh Jackman spoke at one of DoTERRA’s conference in the USA claiming he's been an essential oil fan for years, along with Cesar Millan who uses it with his dogs which you can see this on YouTube. 

What To Do Now?

What you need to do - HOST A CLASS! In the Wimbledon Area UK

What I need to do - bring the oils that form the Home Essentials Kit and present the information of these amazing oils.

What is added?

  1. Introduction to the oils from the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit

  2. A FREE Hand Massage using one of DoTERRA's Oil Blends using the Aromatouch Technique

  3. A FREE Ebook on Aromatherapy

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